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Snow day: expectations and reality

Last Friday the children waited with bated breath to find out if their schools were closed for the first snow day of the year. The desperation in their eyes, the hope of a day at home to play in the snow all day…


Well, they got it! The text messages arrived from the schools by 7.15am and there was much squealing of excitement at the prospect of a long weekend.


We went out in the snow at 8am and played for 20-30 minutes before getting too wet and cold.

Matthew made a snow dinosaur (obviously!) Zach had to be forcibly carried inside as he didn’t want to go back in despite his obvious shivering. Ollie was desperate to be gambolling around, catching snowballs, forgetting he is in his 80s (in dog years)
Then we stayed in for the rest of the day. Not exciting, not fun. Less interesting than a usual day in the holiday or weekend!

More snow overnight meant that we trooped outsideĀ again early in the day but the snow had frozen so you couldn’t really play or build with it.
Anya was determined to try to make a snow angel but the snow was too solid šŸ™
Back indoors again…
By Sunday, the thaw was beginning and the snow had softened. We waited until the afternoon before headingĀ out into the garden. Matthew refused to join in, bored with snow already.

The rest of us had a lovely time and it felt so warm thatĀ we decided to go out for a walk to the river by ourĀ house. Matthew was dragged along and soon rekindled his excitement for snow.


There were lots of icy patches for the children to slide on. Zach walked along with a huge snowball but he kept dropping it so it gradually got smaller and smaller!

So there was our first snow of 2019. The excitement was not really matched by the reality although the final day before the thaw was lovely!
Did you have much snow? Was it as exciting as the children expected?


  1. We didn’t have much snow and it didn’t last long.
    My girls love the idea of snow but the reality is never as good. They feel the cold too easily and never last long outside in it!
    It looks like your lot mostly had fun x

  2. Sam

    W had a tiny downfall but didn’t set. Yes regarding time frame they soon vet bored don’t they or have meltdown about their hands being cold X #stayclassymama

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