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project 365

#Project365 2021 week 17

Day 115: ooh the responsibility! Chris had a day at the seaside to visit his mum and escape the house (working from home is stressful, lonely and he doesn’t see the sky much 🙁 ) That left me in charge of Ollie! Day 116: Chris had severely cut back the cherry tree last year so […]

#Project365 2021 week 16

Day 108: last day of the Easter holidays and we had an early start with a bike ride at 8am. Day 109: first school run of the new term and what fantastic weather we had all week! Day 110: Zach was thrilled when his new Imagimake Mapology sets arrived. He used his birthday money to […]

#Project365 2021 week 15

Day 101: some retro garden fun with the Jump It Lap Counter we were sent to review Day 102: SNOW. Well, that was unexpected and I had a run in it first thing in the morning. It was less impressive than back in January but we still made a snowman. Day 103: garden visit to […]

#Project365 2021 week 14

Day 94: our Easter tradition of decorating eggs Day 95: a cold walk and by the end it was hail stones. Then at lunchtime it snowed! Day 96: spotted the first ducklings at the lake, even my parents and the ranger hadn’t seen them yet!   Day 97: I took a break from jogging over […]

#Project365 2021 week 12

Day 80: Census done and dusted for another 10 years and I was excited to have my family together on record for the first time Day 81: the duckilings in Zach’s class have grown over the weekend and the cheeping is soooooo cute! Day 82: I wouldn’t score well on the Great British Bake Off […]