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project 365

#Project365 2019 week 49

Day 335: first day of December so Christmas is allowed to start! Day 336: reliving my childhood with some games from the 80s (anyone able to tell what it is?)   Day 337: Mum and I went to a social event at Zach’s preschool to make our own wreaths: it was much trickier than I […]

#Project365 2019 week 48

Day 328: just look at little Zach’s face! We were all excited to visit the LaplandUK Wishing Store at the Lexicon in Bracknell but I think he win the prize for sheer joy!   Day 329: we’ve become a bit fed up with dreary tofu so upgraded our curry with fried crispy slices. Day 330: […]

#Project365 2019 week 46

Day 314: Anya ready for her Remembrance Sunday parade with her Beavers group Day 315: the first mince pie of the year! Day 316: playing 7 ate 9, the latest game designed by Maureen Hiron who I met last week Day 317: much hilarity with our new game: Pull My Finger! Day 318: the tree […]

#Project365 2019 week 41

Day 279: I have been taking these supplements after my latest set of blood tests and will be interested to see if they make any difference when I get the next lot done! These were bought from Amazon and were good value for money. Day 280: night out with fellow bloggers at the VIP opening […]

#Project365 2019 week 40

Day 272: oh, the endless rain! Not even the clouds can chase these two indoors! Day 273: mega excitement to start the new month! Matthew and Anya have electric toothbrushes! I was so worried about their teeth after reading about the recent dental research that I wanted to improve their cleaning habits. Day 274: a […]