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#Project365 2023 week 42

Day 288: some days I’m mature and others I enjoy looking at odd shaped veg

Day 289: six days after Scarlet’s babies were born, I discovered Ash had had FOUR babies overnight! No wonder she’d been soooo big!

Day 290: my children are guilty of crimes against butter. I know this photo will pain my dad in particular!

Day 291: amazing purchase from Asda

Day 292: after the cold snap comes the rain and we are due days of it 🙁



Day 293: Anya’s class assembly and she was genuinely terrifying as the warden in Holes.

Day 294: Scarlet’s babies are growing so big!

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  1. So many guinea pig babies. Are you going to keep any or have you got homes planned elsewhere for them?
    Weather’s been miserable hasn’t it. So relieved ours wasn’t as bad as many, although there was some flooding in various towns near us where the rivers/canl go through.

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