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#Project365 week 7

Day 41: Chris and I went out to lunch for our 6 month wedding anniversary (that long already!) but I was disappointed that Harvester refused to swap my peas for chips so I had to pay extra. This cost £12.98.
The salad bar wasn’t labelled, they had no wheat free bread and no pudding. It tasted good but the portion was stingy (especially considering the extra charge!) and I left still a bit hungry 🙁


Day 42: I am not a fan of the colour yellow but there is something special about daffodils!


Day 43: this boy has been sooooo clingy this week, he just won’t leave me alone for a second!


Day 44: quick shopping trip to Camberley with my mum and Zach

Day 45: Anya dressed as a queen for a banquet at school and then I went in to join her for a castle making workshop in the afternoon.


Day 46: blogging event at The Body Shop in Basingstoke. Lovely to meet up with Dawn from Dear Mummy Blog and Jenny from Ramblings of a Jaffa Cat again plus we learned so much!


Day 47: more signs of spring!

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  1. Eesh! How have you been married for 6 months already! Time flies! What! Nearly £13 for that, from an Harvester! I would not have been happy paying that at all!
    Ahh! Daffodils are so cheery. I love them.
    What a pretty queen Anya is. It sounds like a fun day at school.

  2. there are not a lot of chips in the holder and that is a lot of money for so little food, shame they would not swap your foods over. I feel your pain on no desserts as I never find anywhere to suit me either.
    Oh dear at clingy boy.
    Glad you enjoyed your body shop evening I use to love their white musk. Sadly to many allergies now to go near products like theirs, I just stick with the out the shower scent these days.

  3. That Queen costume reminds me of something my mum created for me to wear at my primary school. I wonder whether I will have to create something like this for mine one day. #365

  4. I am with you on yellow and daffodils! Oh I love the queen costume I hope she had fun. Lovely to meet up with some other bloggers I rarely get the chance to do that now and miss it. Hope you have had a great half term xx

  5. i love daffodils also and the first thing I did when i arrived in the UK was to buy some. That meal does look a little on the small side and such a shame the salad bar wasn’t labelled correctly for you

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