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OMG I’ve been vegan for 5 years!

So 2024 begins and I have signed up for Veganuary again. It is a great campaign for those wanting to make a little or big difference!

I decided to try veganism back in January 2019 so somehow it has been 5 whole years. It doesn’t feel that long!
I will be completely honest and say I’ve had some wobbles recently and even considered having a month off or even just a weekend. My main nemesis is cheese, I miss it a lot! Having a restricted diet due to my gluten allergy has got the better of me a few times this year and I thought about opening up some options by returning to vegetarianism temporarily.

On the flip side, I have fallen in love with guinea pigs this year so my reasoning of hating animals is crumbling. If I wouldn’t eat a guinea pig then why would I even consider eating another animal. (I wouldn’t, hence being vegetarian since 2000). I also wouldn’t want toiletries tested on them or eat their by-products (although, seriously, guinea pigs only poo!)

At the end of the day, I am the only person that has to live with my conscience, and it tells me to avoid exploitation of animals for my benefit. So I will be sticking with being a vegan indefinitely.
Your conscience may say differently and it is none of my business. I am not a preachy vegan, telling you how to live your life. I don’t even do that with my own family. Every individual has the right and the obligation to choose their own path. But I would urge you to make a conscious decision, go with what is right for you, not just the easy option.
If you need help or advice then please seek it and make a choice. Veganuary can offer support and I have lots of recipes for a wide range of dishes (use the sidebar category or search box)

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