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Accidental Secrets, by Dana Mason

    I had super high expectations of the latest book from Dana Mason having LOVED the previous one. Good news: it is just as good as the last one, yay! As I stated in my review of Accidental Lies, I had judged that book by its cover and thought that the plot would be […]

The Lies We Hide, by S.E. Lynes

    TRIGGER WARNING: THIS BOOK COVERS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND DRUG ADDICTION In the present day, Nicola is devastated by her mother’s death and her thoughts dwell on her childhood and the abuse that her mother endured. We are then shown the family’s escape from the violence but then her brother Graham’s life breaks down […]

Out With The Ex, In With The New, by Sophie Ranald

    Gemma is thrilled to tell her boyfriend Jack that she has a new job but he drops the bombshell that he is going travelling without her. They promise to commit to a long distance relationship but that soon collapses. Heartbroken, Gemma bares her soul on her YouTube channel and it goes viral… Her […]

The Case of the Missing Bride, by Carmen Radtke

In the 1860s a group of 22 young women set sail from Australia destined for new lives and husbands in Canada. They are initially hidden below deck to protect their virtue from the all-male crew and even the captain but are eventually discovered. One woman disappears and the doctor on board begins to investigate with […]

Her Dark Heart, by Carla Kovach

  TRIGGER WARNING: THIS BOOK DEALS WITH HISTORIC SEXUAL ABUSE Her Dark Heart is book number 5 in the Gina Harte series. Mother of 3 Susan disappears one afternoon and fails to pick up her children. She is in the middle of a messy divorce but her mother is convinced that something sinister has happened. […]