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book tour

The Secret Photograph, by Siobhan Curham

TRIGGER WANING : Nazi brutality 1942, Paris. Clarisse is an American photographer living secretly in France under Nazi occupation. She wants to document the horrors she witnesses but she also wants to leave her toxic husband. Both aims are dangerous… The Secret Photograph is a dual timeline historical novel set in the 1940s and 1980s. […]

I Spy With My Little Die, by Helen Golden

Two dead police officers with a connection to the royal family. Lady Bea, the king’s granddaughter, and her nemesis DCI Fitzwilliam believe that there is a murderer on the loose but can they find out the truth? I Spy With My Little Die is the fifth book in the Right Royal cosy murder mystery series. […]

The Locket, by Natalie Meg Evans

TRIGGER WARNING: racism 1942, Suffolk. Irene is desperate to earn enough money to leave her small village and is determined that she will not marry local farmer Norman. She falls in love with a black American GI but the pair face opposition from everyone. 2022, Ruby returns to Suffolk to sort through her late grandmother […]

Murder by Invitation, by Verity Bright

Lady Eleanor Swift is involved in the planning of a community celebration for King George V’s birthday. But the plans go awry when the chair of the committee is found strangled to death by bunting… Murder by Invitation is the 15th book in the Lady Swift series of cosy historical murder mysteries. Each book has […]

Murder in the Blitz by F.L. Everett

1940, Edie is keen to rise through the ranks at her newspaper but, even during a war, being a woman holds her up. She is promoted to obituarist but it is the crime reporter role she really wants. Helping out a colleague, she witnesses a death but was it suicide or murder? Murder in the […]