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book tour

Her Daughter’s Cry, by M.M. Chouinard

A woman with no memory stumbles into a shop begging for help. Her clothes are soaked in blood but it isn’t hers. Test results show it belongs to her daughter but the police and the woman have no idea how old the girl or woman is. A search of the area where they think the […]

Her Secret Past, by Kerry Watts

  Jessie Blake faces a double murder scene with the victims’ grandson calmly sat beside one of the bodies eating a sandwich. He has no sign of gunshot residue on his hands so is not the killer, but who is? Could it be Tommy Angus, the couple’s son who was about to be written out […]

Burning Island, by Suzanne Goldring

  In 1944 the Jews of Corfu are gathered together ready for deportation. One family has sent their younger children to live with another family. Can any of them survive the Naiz Final Solution? In the present day, James and Amber have left their high powered and highly stressful careers to start up a restaurant […]

I Could Be You, by Sheila Bugler

  Former journalist Dee discovers the body of her friend Katie, a victim of a hit and run. Or so it seems… The police soon discover that the body is not Katie’s but a woman who looks a great deal like her and was wearing her clothes and pushing her buggy. Where has Dee’s friend […]

Tipping Point, by Terry Tyler

I approached this book with a little trepidation as the previous book that I’d read from Terry Tyler was absolutely superb (see my review of Hope). Could Tipping Point live up to my expectations…? YES! The arrival of a deadly disease is spreadng across the world. Some have been vaccinated but most are doomed. Vicky’s […]