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book tour

The Family Lie, by Jake Cross

Anna wakes at night to discover her daughter and husband missing. She believes they have both been taken but the police think her husband has snatched Josie. A text message seems to confirm this but Anna still isn’t convinced. Nick’s drugged body is found and when he regains consciousness he is devastated to learn of […]

Final Betrayal, by Patricia Gibney

  Final Betrayal is the 6th book to feature Irish detective Lottie Parker, and it is the first that I have read. Lottie’s team is in disarray due to a colleague’s death and another on maternity, and she may have a serial killer on her hands as well as a murderous half sister. Two young […]

The Secrets, by Jane Adams

Originally published in 1996, this book is a reminder of what life was like before technology and social media: cameras with film in, use of the postal service and the press to disseminate information. To be honest, it took me a while to get into this book. It is the second to feature DI Mike […]

The Bones She Buried, by Lisa Regan

  The Bones She Buried is the 5th book to feature Josie Quinn and the second that I have read. The romantic relationship that Josie and Noah began in the last book seems to be going well but then they make a devastating discovery. They go to Noah’s mother’s house for a meal and find […]

No-one Ever Has Sex at a Wedding, by Tracy Bloom

Looking for a light hearted, fun read? Look no further! Tracy Bloom’s latest book is actually a sequel but works perfectly well as a stand alone book. We begin the story with an anxious groom worrying about whether sex needs to happen on the wedding night for the marriage to be legal. He even asks […]