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book tour

Her Shallow Grave, by D.K. Hood

The snow is lying thick on the ground and frozen bodies are being found. Frozen by man, not nature. A serial killer is killing women, cutting them up with a chainsaw and then making ‘art’ with the pieces. It is a grisly case for Alton and Kane but absolutely superb! The personal life of Jenna […]

Dead Wicked, By Helen H. Durrant

  The 10th book in the Calladine and Bayliss series, Dead Wicked sees the two lead detectives re-evaluating their personal and professional lives. Calladine has been acting DCI but doesn’t want to be stuck behind a desk so requests to return to his usual role. Bayliss’s partner walks out on her and their son but […]

Death at the Dance, by Verity Bright

    Lady Eleanor Swift is still trying to fit in to her new role as the lady of the manor. She attends a masked dance, trips over her dress and discovers a jewel theft and murder. The chief suspect is her love interest Lancelot but can she clear his name and find the real […]

Safe, by Jane Adams

  Crikey, what a captivating book! I was absolutely spellbound by every page. Seventeen year old Lauren Sykes, daughter of notorious crime boss Kyle, goes on the run after she shoots Charlie Perrin, the son of another crime organisation leader. Now both families are hunting for her to let honour be satisfied. She turns to […]

Just Saying, by Sophie Ranald

  TRIGGER WARNING: this book contains a sexual assualt Alice has her career and love life sorted. But an allegation about her boss results in her losing her job. She immediately falls into a new role in a rundown pub, earning a pittance but much happier. Until her boyfriend Joe suggests they take in a […]