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book tour

When The Nightingale Sings, by Suzanne Kelman

1997 Judy receives an award at Cambridge University, desperately hoping her former friend will attend the ceremony. 1937: Judy meets Hedwig Kiesler, a Jewish woman who has fled her husband and the Nazis. Hedwig reinvents herself as Hedy Lamarr, becoming a famous film star. She never forgets Judy but will their friendship survive the war? […]

The Guilty Sister, by Arianne Richmonde

Sara lives a quiet, almost reclusive life in New York. She is an artist so works from home, only venturing out to walk her ‘handi-capable’ dog Poppy. Bradley is a high flying executive with a string of broken hearts in his wake. The pair meet and begin a fledgling relationship but are both keeping secrets […]

Death in the Woods, by Jo Allen

  A spate of suicides among young people and DCI Jude Satterthwaite is concerned for the safety of his younger brother Mikey. A blogger and social media may be encouraging a positive image of suicide but is there something more sinister and deliberate behind the deaths…? Death in the Woods is the sixth book in […]

The Last Time She Died, by Zoe Sharp

  Blake Claremont disappeared 10 years ago but now arrives home on the day of her father’s funeral. But is she really Blake? A Met Detective is in town: John Byron is visiting his former student PC Jane Hudson but does he have an ulterior motive for being there? The Last Time She Died is […]

The Perfect Daughter, by Alex Stone

Jess Harper and her mother have an incredibly close relationship. Too close, too insular, too unhealthy. Jess has finally found romance and freedom in the form of plumber Adam but her mother doesn’t approve. Then Adam goes missing, presumed dead… The Perfect Daughter is an intense psychological thriller and is the first book that I […]