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book tour

The Night Caller, by J.M.Hewitt

    A murderer is loose on the streets of Manchester. Nicknamed The Pusher, he is responsible for the deaths of several gay men before changing his victim type to those with unpleasant pasts. The police speculate that there are in fact 2 killers as the choice of victim has changed, that the original Pusher […]

Promise of a New Beginning, by Addison Cole

We are reunited with the Bradens, yay! Well, one of them at least until almost halfway through the book! Savannah Braden has just found her boyfriend in bed with another woman. Determined to clear her head, she gets away from the city and goes on a survival course with no contact with the outside world. […]

The Beekeeper’s Cottage, by Emma Davies

  We return to the English countryside which featured in Emma Davies’ previous book The House at Hope Corner, and are reunited with Flora and Ned who have successfully established the flower farm. They are expecting students to arrive and help them for the summer but are disappointed when the students let them down at […]

Accidental Lies, by Dana Mason

Excerpt: Chapter One Emily This wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. To me, a getaway doesn’t include hundreds of other people. I should never have let Mac plan this vacation for me. I wanted a private, exclusive cottage somewhere in the mountains. Not a five-star resort in Maui and a list of activities an […]

We Were Sisters, by Wendy Clarke

  Kelly is a mum stuggling with uncontrollable anxiety, her twin daughters starting school and the sleep deprivation caused by her 3 month old son. The only way she can reassure herself is through counting to 20: obsessive compulsive behabiour which is having a significant effect on her life. Through flashback chapters we are shown […]