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book tour

Little Girl Missing, by JG Roberts

  A family is struggling to deal with the after effects of infidelity when five year old Cassie disappears. It is difficult for the parents to avoid playing the blame game and both are suspects according to the police. Has Naomi’s stress made her do something unforgiveable? Have Charlie and his mum taken drastic action […]

The Mother’s Mistake, by Ruth Heald

This is a carefully crafted book and really well written, however I must give a trigger warning as the book deals with domestic abuse. Claire and Matt leave the city and move into his late grandmother’s house. Matt is working all hours to set up a veterinary practice while Claire is home alone with baby […]

A Face in the Crowd, by Kerry Wilkinson

  This book is stunningly good and had me hooked from the first page. We encounter Lucy and Ben in the opening chapter of A Face in the Crowd. He is about to set off on a money making venture that will make their dreams come true. In the next chapter, the narrative has moved […]

The Child Before, by Michael Scanlon

Irish detective Finnegan Beck is called in to investigate the murder of a young mother and the disappearance of her baby daughter. A horrific crime but with a strong connection to a deserted village where a baby was murdered in the 1950s. Has this baby met the same fate? This is the second book to […]

She Will Rescue You, by Chris Clement-Green

This book is a fascinating read about morality and the ethics of using violence for avenging the innocent. We are introduced to Ellie and Mia. They are on different sides of the law. Ellie wins the lottery and sets up rescue centres for animals but also hires a team to get revenge on those that […]