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book tour

Their Silent Graves, by Carla Kovach

  A fresh grave is discovered with a bell without a clapper. The man has been buried alive, desperate to escape. But the grave is silent and no one comes to save him… I remember reading a book as a teenager about the Victorian tradition of attaching a bell to dead people’s fingers due to […]

Flowers for the Dead, by Barbara Copperthwaite

  TRIGGER WARNING: Flowers for the Dead contains sexual and emotional abuse Adam doesn’t look for victims, he looks for women to love him. When this fails to happen in the flesh, he kills them so that their souls become part of him. Laura is the next woman he falls in love with, but she […]

First Girl Gone, by LT Vargus and Tim McBain

Private investigater Charlie Winters is asked to search for a missing teenager when a second girl goes missing. It has a personal feel to the case as Charlie’s own sister disappeared years earlier. Could it be the same killer? Charlie is a wonderful character. I loved her ghost or imaginary sister Allie. They have a […]

The Mistress, by Jill Childs

  Laura is The Mistress. Helen is the wife. Both have been betrayed by Ralph and together they cover up his death… The Mistress is split into two parts, firstly from Laura’s perspective as her life spirals out of control thourgh guilt and fear after she knocks Ralph down the stairs and helps Helen to […]

The Runaway Sisters, by Ann Bennett

  Laura and Helen are sorting through their mother’s belongings after she has a stroke and moves to a care home. They discover a secret cupboard containing letters which raise a number of questions about their mum’s life. Daisy Banks and her little sister Peggy are evacuated from London but their mother dies shortly after […]