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book tour

The Pretty One, by Clare Boyd

Fifteen year old Nell is spotted by a model agency scout. Her mum Anna is reluctant to allow her to join up but she wants to support her daughter’s dreams. Nell’s stepsister Bay is hugely jealous. Can the family survive or is the price of fame too high? The Pretty One shows the dark side […]

Be Mine Forever, by DK Hood

Laurie’s phone is broken and her car won’t start so she is grateful when a friend offers her a lift home. But she is attacked from the back seat, leading Sheriff Jenna Alton and Deputy Dave Kane to face another murder case as cheerleaders are kidnapped and killed. Be Mine Forever is the 11th book […]

The Girl From Berlin, by Kate Hewitt

Liesel Scholz is a teenager growing up in Nazi Gernmany. Her father is a chemist and his skills are being used to support the impending war. She is thrown into a world of high ranking Nazi officials yet is horrified by the violence and cruelty she sees in the streets. 1945 and the war has […]

When The World Stood Still, by Kate Eastham

  Trainee nurse Emily Burdon is working in a London hospital at the end of World War One. She dreams of peace and the safe return of her fiance Lewis who is fighting in France. But then the globe faces a new threat as the war ends but the far more deadly Spanish Flu is […]

The Girl in the Missing Poster, by Barbara Copperthwaite

Stella Hawkins has never given up hope that her missing twin sister will be found, either dead or alive. Every year she puts up posters and flyers to encourage the search but this year, the 25th anniversary, she takes part in a documentary to get national coverage. The Girl in the Missing Poster is an […]