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book tour

The Case of the Missing Bride, by Carmen Radtke

In the 1860s a group of 22 young women set sail from Australia destined for new lives and husbands in Canada. They are initially hidden below deck to protect their virtue from the all-male crew and even the captain but are eventually discovered. One woman disappears and the doctor on board begins to investigate with […]

Her Dark Heart, by Carla Kovach

  TRIGGER WARNING: THIS BOOK DEALS WITH HISTORIC SEXUAL ABUSE Her Dark Heart is book number 5 in the Gina Harte series. Mother of 3 Susan disappears one afternoon and fails to pick up her children. She is in the middle of a messy divorce but her mother is convinced that something sinister has happened. […]

The Matchmaker, by Catriona Innes

  This book started off as a bit of light relief after reading some intense (but brilliant) crime and psychological thrillers. It soon became apparent that this book was much deeper than I realised and the emotional narrative of love and loss took centre stage. Caitlin is a professional matchmaker, building her fame and reputation […]

Single, by K.L. Slater

  Darcy is shocked to discover her perfect man and the brilliant dad to her kids has been leading a double life. Neither woman suspected that Joel was cheating; even when he was on his deathbed, he managed to keep them apart. Now 4 years later, Joel’s family are still keeping quiet about the other […]

The Liar, by Jane Adams

    Former police officer John Tynan is romantically involved with a woman who is stabbed to death one night. Their relationship began as she insisted on being a long lost relative. The subsequent police investigation determinesĀ  she lied about her identity and even her name was false. The previous books in the Mike Croft […]