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Play Dead, by Anne Penketh

  I am absolutely thrilled to have added a new author to my bookshelf! I didn’t find out until the end that this was actually the third in the series of DI Sam Clayton books. It works perfectly as a standalone but now I am intrigued as to what I missed (off to hunt for […]

The Vicarage Murder, by Faith Martin

    I am a firm fan of Faith Martin’s Jenny Starling series so was interested to see how this new series compared…… The answer… just as good! Monica Noble is a vicar’s wife who has left her busy urban lifestyle and career to join her new husband in the English countryside. The old vicarage […]

Why She Lied, by Julie Coons

I need to start this review with a trigger warning: this book deals with child abuse, human trafficking and modern slavery. Why She Lied is not a pleasant book. It is not an enjoyable book. It is a powerful book. It is a shocking book. It is a brave book. Julie has been abused her […]

The Golden Oldies Guesthouse, by Dee MacDonald

This was such a delightful book, following on from The Silver Ladies of Penny Lane. Sixty something Tess has finally found love again, with an actor named Simon. The first part of The Golden Oldies Guesthouse focuses on the couple falling in love with a house in Cornwall and then renovating it to become a […]

Reaper, by Jonathan Pongratz

I have fond memories of my teenage years sat reading Point Horror books. I think that teens have a passion for horror, maybe because of the emotional and hormonal changes making them want an adrenaline rush. Horror is also grown up, something you’ve waited for through your childhood to access. Reaper is firmly in that […]