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book tour

Whisper Cottage, by Anne Wyn Clark

Stina and Jack are newlyweds and now expecting a baby. Stina feels uneasy about a stranger spotted in her elderly neighbour’s garden but is more disturbed by the unkind attitude of the local community towards old Mrs Barley… Whisper Cottage is a sinister psychological thriller which deals with the occult but also the secrets we […]

The Trapped Wife, by Samantha Hayes

TRIGGER WARNING: this book contains child murder, rape and domestic abuse GP Jennifer Miller is adjusting to life as a widow when she discovers she is pregnant. The baby is the result of a drunken night out so she is shocked when the father appears in her consulting room. Scott soon forces his way into […]

The Italian Girl’s Secret, by Natalie Meg Evans

Naples 1943. Carmela del Bosco is living on her grandmother’s farm when her half brother arrives with an injured spy. She tends to his wounds but her cousin Tino is a fascist, looking for any excuse to seize the family farm… The Italian Girl’s Secret is an historical novel set in Italy during WW2 following […]

The Girl Who Survived, by Ellie Midwood

Ilse Stein is a German Jew deported to the Minsk ghetto with her younger sisters. Her father dies on the train journey and her mother is selected for gassing on arrival. Ilse lives in fear for herself and her sisters, death never far away. But a glimmer of hope and love sparks when she meets […]

Murder in Mallow Cottage, by Gretta Mulrooney

A man’s body is found murdered on the steps of a crematorium. Another man is missing. Detective Inspector Siv Drummond needs to work out the connection between the two men so she can uncover the motive and find the killer… Murder in Mallow Cottage is the third book from Gretta Mulrooney to feature Siv Drummond […]