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book tour

No Time to Say Goodbye, by Kate Hewitt

Nathan’s world falls apart when his wife is shot on the subway. He realises that he has spent too much time working and not enough with his family and now it is too late. He finds out his wife was volunteering at a refugee centre and goes there to find out more. He meets Maria, […]

Game of Crones, by Jay Raven

  Witches and malevolent magic are at work in this series of short stories from Jay Raven. The stories are varied, covering a range of historical eras, cultural backgrounds, and a multitude of myth and mystery. I often avoid short stories as I get frustrated by the shortness! However, Game of Crones was brilliant! Obviously […]

Taken to the Grave, by M.M. Chouinard

A spate of murders occur in rapid succession and Jo Fournier is desperate to catch the killer. All of the victims have a link to the biology department of the university and there is no shortage of suspects but alibis and motives prove trickier to uncover, making it difficult to determine guilt. We see glimpses […]

In the Shadow of the Hanging Tree, by Michael A. McLellan

Today I have something a little different for you! This blog tour is for two amazing novels by author, Michael McLellan. I will be sharing my review of In the Shadow of the Hanging Tree in addition to excerpts from both books and a giveaway to enter! This novel is dedicated to the human race. […]

A Purrfect Alibi, by Leighann Dobbs

Those clever kitties are joined in their crime fighting by a ghost this time! Jedediah Biddeford’s skeleton was found in the previous book and now his ghost makes an appearance trying to find out who killed him. Is there any link to the murder of a medium staying at the guesthouse in the present day? […]