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book tour

The Little Village of New Starts, by Donna Ashcroft

  Evie Stuart is hiding away on the family farm in picturesque Scotland, trying to forget about her ex-fiance who turned out to be married with a baby on the way. She is scared of being judged by the people in the village so stays on the farm as much as possible. Her family hire […]

Her Last Mistake, by Carla Kovach

  The Awesome Foursome are a group of best friends but there are secrets. One of the women, Holly, is pregnant by a secret lover and she is found dead at the wedding of one of her friends. DI Gina Harte is the lead officer but it becomes a personal case as one suspect is […]

Into the Darkest Day, by Kate Hewitt

A world at war, family divisions, love and loss. Into the Darkest Day is a beautiful tale set in the present day and during the Second World War. British sisters Lily and Sophie Mather fall in love with two American soldiers, Matthew Lawson and Tom Reese. In the present, Sophie’s grandson visits Tom’s granddaughter and […]

The Happy Couple, by Samantha Hayes

  Jo is devastated by the disappearance of her husband. Is he alive or dead? Her best friend Louise suggests a holiday but Jo can’t afford one: she considers house-sitting and finds one online that has photos of her husband Will. Has she finally found him after all this time…? The character of Jo is […]

One Mistake, by Rona Halsall

    TRIGGER WARNING: this book deals with sexual abuse which some readers may find upsetting Sara has spent her life supporting her family but has finally considered her own needs and returned to work part time. Her husband comes home with the devastating news that he has lost his job and wants to set […]