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book review

The Other Einstein, by Marie Benedict

Mitza Maric faces prejudice due to her disability, her gender and her Serbian nationality. Luckily she has self belief and a supportive father so is able to follow her dream of attending Zurich University to study physics. One of her fellow students catches her eye: Albert Einsteinā€¦ The Other Einstein is an historical novel beginning […]

The House Across The Street, by Jill Childs

Two families whose lives have been intertwined over the decades. They have shared the happy and sad times together but nothing prepares them for a murder in their midst… The House Across The Street is a psychological thriller and murder mystery set in the UK. Anna and Lily are best friends as well as neighbours. […]

One Girl, One Summer, by Isabel Ashdown

TRIGGER WARNING: rape, child death, alcoholism, adoption A plane crashes onto a holiday site in Dorset. Nell is distraught with guilt at her brother’s life changing injuries but is also hiding a terrible secret… One Girl, One Summer is a mix of family drama and police procedural set in the UK. There are some big […]

Forget Me Not, by M.J. Arlidge

A gang drugs war leads to a shooting and the police are expected to put all their eforts into resolving the case. However DI Helen Grace diverts her team to the case of a missing teenager who she believes has been abducted… Forget Me Not is the 12th book in the DI Helen Grace series. […]

Death in a Scottish Castle, by Lydia Travers

1912, Maud and Daisy are invited to a Scottish castle to investigate the disappearance of a valuable statuette. The chief suspect is Lord Urquhart who the pair of detectives have met several times before. But while they are at the castle, a murder takes place… Death in a Scottish Castle is the 4th and possibly […]