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book review

No Escape, by Casey Kelleher

TRIGGER WARNING: this book deals with violence and abuse of vulnerable people and animals, drugs trafficking and alcoholism Kian and Shannon Winters live in the shadow of their mother’s alcoholism and the violence rife on their estate. Lucy Murphy lives with the trauma of her mother’s murder on the same estate twenty years earlier, which […]

Why She Died, by J.G. Roberts

The body of a young woman is found hanging by her best friend. At first it appears to be suicide, but then murder is suspected. Could her job as a shot girl in a night club be a link? Or her boyfriend who treated her roughly? DCI Rachel Hart begins her investigation but is troubled […]

Water’s Edge, by Gregg Olsen

  A body on a beach is the new case for Detective Megan Carpenter. It soon becomes clear that there is a serial killer on the loose… I absolutely loved the first book featuring Megan and this second book in the series Water’s Edge was an enjoyable police thriller but didn’t pack quite the same […]

What Only We Know, by Catherine Hokin

  TRIGGER WARNING: What Only We Know deals with the Holocaust and suicide In 1930s Berlin, Liese’s life at her parents’ fashion house is thrown into turmoil as the Nazis start their process of eradicating the Jews. First their business then their lives are in danger. In the 1970s and 80s, Karen Cartwright struggles to […]

Buried Angels, by Patricia Gibney

    TRIGGER WARNING: some of the murders in this book involve children and may be upsetting. A family murdered twenty years ago, a skull found behind a plaster wall, body parts found on a train line. There is no shortage of bodies at the start of the latest novel featuring Detective Lottie Parker, and […]