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book review

The English Girl, by Sarah Mitchell

1946 Norfolk. German prisoners of war arrive at a local camp to the disgust of the locals. Fran gets a job in the office and her eye is caught by Thomas, but her family cannot forgive the Germans who killed her brother in the war. 1989. Tiffany travels to Berlin to see the Wall being […]

The Hotel at Honeymoon Station, by Tilly Tennant

Emma feels at a crossroads in her life when she realsies she hates her job and her fiance is no good. A chance meeting with an old school friend leads her to take a leap of faith and dump Dougie and her life to invest in a hotel renovation. A friendship soon emerges with her […]

The Butterfly Garden, by Sophie Anderson

  TRIGGER WARNING: this book deals with the aftermath of a child’s death, and serious mental health issues Erin returns home after her love affair with a married man collapses. She finds employment with a dying author Maggie Muir, typing up her memoirs into a novel, and discovers the truth behind Maggie’s reclusive life. Is […]

Secrets of Magpie Cove, by Kennedy Kerr

  TRIGGER WARNING: this book deals with miscarriage Lila is mourning the loss of her close friend and employer Serafina. She is hoping that Serafina’s son Nathan will re-open the cafe so that she doesn’t have to worry about money while she completes her patisserie course. They begin a tense friendship but Lila is fearful […]

Death on the Lake, by Jo Allen

Summer Raine parties with drink, drugs and the Neilson twins on their boat but is found dead a little while later. The police assume it is a tragic accident but the case is compromised by a fraud investigation into the Neilsons’ father. Meanwhile, there is a further complication for lead detective Jude Satterthwaite when his […]