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book review

In the Shadow of the Hanging Tree, by Michael A. McLellan

Today I have something a little different for you! This blog tour is for two amazing novels by author, Michael McLellan. I will be sharing my review of In the Shadow of the Hanging Tree in addition to excerpts from both books and a giveaway to enter! This novel is dedicated to the human race. […]

A Purrfect Alibi, by Leighann Dobbs

Those clever kitties are joined in their crime fighting by a ghost this time! Jedediah Biddeford’s skeleton was found in the previous book and now his ghost makes an appearance trying to find out who killed him. Is there any link to the murder of a medium staying at the guesthouse in the present day? […]

The Woman Upstairs, by Ruth Heald

  Katie is shocked but hopeful when she discovers she is pregnant. Her partner Ian is ready to commit to being a family and organises a new home for the family. But on arrival Katie discovers the house is in a state of disrepair. Unable to turn to her family or friends, she meets Paula […]

My Name Is Eva, by Suzanne Goldring

  This is an utterly beautiful book, powerful yet understated. A 90-something year old woman in a nursing home reflects on her life, the triumph and the tragedy. Her husband Hugh died during the Second World War but she continued to write to him mouring his loss and that of the life they had planned […]

His Secret Family, by Ali Mercer

  Two families, separated by lies and secrets. His Secret Family opens with a wedding and the collision of the two families with dramatic consequences. We are then taken back to explore how the family situations developed. Mark was married to Paula but he walks away from her and their daughter Daisy, unable to cope […]