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book review

My Daughter’s Secret, by Nicole Trope

  Trigger warning: this book review deals with suicide and domestic abuse. One Halloween, two friends are on their way home from a party and see a dummy hanging outside a house. Laughing about, they head over and discover the dummy is actually their friend Julia. Suicide. An ugly word. A terrible word. A terrible […]

A Body in the Lakes, by Graham Smith

  I described Graham Smith’s previous book The Silent Dead as exquisite and this sequel does not disappoint at all! We pick up a new case for DC Beth Young and her colleagues when a woman is found murdered and violated. The team quickly establish a link with 3 previous murders that had not been […]

The Girl Across The Street, by Vikki Patis

Isla seems to have it all. A carefree life as a housewife with a rich husband. Beth lives on the council estate on the other side of the street. Her boyfriend has lost his job and pays her little attention. The two women are brought together by the hit and run of a man late […]

Sweet Escape at Bayside, by Addison Cole

This book is the fourth in Addison Cole’s Sweet With Heat Bayside series. In Sweet Passions at Bayside, we saw Desiree find love despite her troubled upbringing. In this book, her sister Violet gets her chance at romance. We met Violet in the other Bayside books. She is strong, bold and unconventional. However, there is […]

The Castle Mystery, by Faith Martin

What a delightful murder mystery (if such a thing can exist!) The Castle Mystery has a classic feel about it from start to finish and is firmly in the Agatha Christie style of books that I have always loved. I think this would also suit fans of Gosford Park and Downton Abbey due to the […]