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book review

Fallen Angel, by D.K. Hood

Jenna Alton and Dave Kane are called to a murder scene at a book convention. The bodies start to appear in rapid succession but the weather proves as bitter an enemy as the killer… Fallen Angel is the 13th book to feature Kane and Alton. There are no spoilers about events in previous books (I […]

Death on a Winter’s Day, by Verity Bright

Lasy Eleanor Swift heads to Scotland for Christmas with her entire staff. But the festivities don’t last long before a body is discovered and Eleanor finds herself with a new investigation… Death on a Winter’s Day is the 8th book to feature the irrepressible Lady Swift and her endlessly patient butler Clifford. I enjoyed being […]

Behind Her Smile, by J.A. Andrews

  TRIGGER WARNING: this book contains suicide Grace is recovering from the trauma of a car accident and goes on a cruise without her husband Cameron and their children. Her companion on the cruise is her husband’s assistant who she suspects may be having an affair with Cameron… Behind Her Smile is a very intense […]

The New Wife, by Sue Watson

Sam and Lauren are childhood sweethearts and their families are delighted when the couple tie the knot. But their happiness is shortlived as Lauren dies weeks after the wedding and secrets begin to unravel… The New Wife is a psychological thriller set around an intriguing domestic situation. A terrible accident or a chilling murder? A […]

Walnut Street: Phantom Rider, by Sherrill Joseph

Walnut Street: Phantom Rider is the third book in the Botanic Hill Detectives series by Sherrill Joseph. I have reviewed the two previous books: Nutmeg Street: Egyptian Secrets and Eucalyptus Street: Green Curse. The quartet of teenaged detectives are on the hunt for a new case when they are invited to a friend’s ranch that […]