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book review

The House by the Lake, by Ella Carey

Anna’s grandfather Max is 94 and the discovery of a Parisian apartment frozen in time deeply affects him. He begs Anna to travel to his childhood home in Germany and retrieve an engagement ring hidden there seventy years earlier. Anna travels to Germany but finds the locals and new owner to be unhelpful. Can she […]

When You Were Mine, by Kate Hewitt

Beth has an intense relationship with her seven year old son due to his anxiety. She has no partner, no friends and no family she can turn to for support. After a screaming tantrum in a supermarket, children’s services get involved and take Dylan away, placing him in foster care. Beth is determined to get […]

Christmas at Fireside Cabins, by Jenny Hale

  Lila Evans and her friends book into a cabin in the lead up to Christmas. Lila has no family so her friends are very important. Yet their lives force them to cut short their winter break leaving Lila alone. She has made friends with the lonely owner of the cabin, widow Eleanor and local […]

First Date, by Sue Watson

  Social worker Hannah has had an unhappy life, growing up in care herself and now dealing with vulnerable children. So when she goes on a date with Alex, she is thrilled to meet a kindred spirit and finally feels like her life has some happiness. But is Alex really as perfect as he appears…? […]

Under A Sky On Fire, by Suzanne Kelman

Britain in 1940. The Blitz is anticipated with dread. Children are evacuated from cities, men go to war. Three women step up to work for their king and country. Lizzie plots plane raids, Diana mans barrage balloons and Julia is a secretary in the war office. But on the personal side, Lizzie has a heartbreaking […]