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book review

After The Accident, by Kerry Wilkinson

Nine years ago Geoffrey’s business partner Alan died after falling off a cliff on the Greek island of Galanikos. In the present day, Geoffrey is found injured at the bottom of the same cliffs. Were both men pushed and why…? The narrative style of After the Accident is totally unique and brilliant. I wasn’t sure […]

The Garden of Lost Memories, by Ruby Hummingbird

    My heart has only just recovered form Ruby Hummingbird’s last book, The Wish List of Albie Young. I was a little worried that there was no way the author could follow up such a book but, goodness me, she has! The Garden of Lost Memories is the tale of an unlikely friendship between […]

The Break Up, by Tilly Tennant

Lara is crushed when her relationship ends in the worst way: he cheats on her with her best friend. When she returns home, she finds a cat on her doorstep and pours all her love into Fluffy. She rebuilds her life and starts a wedding coordinator business. But she discovers that Fluffy has divided loyalties […]

The Daughter She Lost, by Lauren Westwood

  Small town secrets and lies are revealed when newcomer Amanda arrives in town, She has always known she was adopted but her adoptive parents told her they knew nothing of her birth family. This was a lie and when her biological grandmother dies, Amanda inherits her house and decides to visit the town and […]

The Girl I Thought I Knew, by Kelly Heard

  Daisy Ritter’s whole life has been overshadowed by the chemical plant in the town. It has led to her father’s drinking, her mother’s recurrent miscarriages. Finally it led to her being estranged from her family for 17 years after she witnessed a girl dying in a fire but no one believed her and she […]