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book review

Judas Horse, by Lynda La Plante

A series of burglaries among rich countryside occupants leads the local force to request external help. Detective Jack Warr is dispatched to the Cotswolds to aid the investigation. However, his methods lead to conflict within the team. Can Jack unite the police to capture the burglar before they escalate to violence and even murder…? Judas […]

The Silent Girl, by Kelly Heard

A woman is found by the side of a road. Her injuries are consistent with jumping or being thrown from a car. She has amnesia but adopts the name Sophie and hides away at a remote house being renovated. Can she find out the truth about her identity and is she in danger? The Silent […]

The Tuscan House, by Angela Petch

In 1947 Richard returns to Italy following the end of the war that saw him working as a medic rather than fighting due to his pacifist beliefs. He buys an old house and when clearing the garden discovers a buried secret. But then Fosca arrives back at the house with her small son in tow, […]

Rites of Spring, by Anders de la Motte

    In 1986 a girl is ritualistically killed as a sacrifice to the Green Man, a ghostly rider to hail the beginning of spring. In the present day, David and his wife Thea return to the castle where he grew up. She discovers information about the girl that causes her to address the trauma […]

My Husband’s Girlfriend, by Sheryl Browne

  Sarah and Steve are devoted paretns to three year old Ollie but sadly their own relationship has broken down and both of them have found love again. Steve moves in with his girlfriend Laura and she is keen to begin weekend visits with Ollie. But Sarah isn’t convinced that Laura can be trusted: is […]