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book review

Memories of Wild Rose Bay, by Susanne O’Leary

  Kate O’Rourke moves from Dublin to Sandy Cove to take over the role of doctor. The small country practice is a world away from her busy city experience to date. But she is keen to enjoy the local area as her recently deceased father’s family originated from the area and it makes her feel […]

Mug the Wumph the Dancing Wizard, by Nicola J. Rowley

Minty Taylor’s best friends have vanished along with other local children including the head teacher’s son. She finds a mysterious object that looks like a coin and her magical adventure begins when dancing wizard Mug the Wumph arrives to claim it. Can Minty save her friends from the clutches of evil wizard Grimacant…? Mug the […]

The Wife’s Choice, by Emma Davies

  Alys finds herself with an adult daughter and a selfish husband who makes her redundant from her job. She feels like life has passed her by. Her daughter in on the brink of a new career as a chef and Esme’s dreams make Alys regretful that she achieved none of her own. But then […]

The New Girlfriend, by Sheryl Browne

Cassie is devastated when her only child dies in a tragic accident. Shortly after Josh’s funeral, Kim turns up on the doorstep with baby Samuel and he is the spitting image of Josh as a baby. Cassie begins to obsess over her new grandson but strange things start to happen… It is clear that Cassie […]

The Next Widow, by CJ Lyons

  Leah Wright is an ER doctor but the one person she can’t save is her husband Ian who is violently tortured and murdered on Valentine’s Day. She arrives home to the promise of a surprise but finds his devastated body and her daughter cowering under a bed. Luka Jericho is called in to lead […]