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book review

The Last Day In Paris, by Suzanne Kelman

TRIGGER WARNING: Nazi ideology and anti-semitism Paris during WW2, Brigitte and her daughter Sophie are Jews living in terror as the Nazis invade their beautiful city. Present day, Sophie has Alzheimer’s and her daughter Esther is notified when a discovery is made in a Parisian apartment… The Last Day In Paris is a dual timeline […]

Dark Hearts, by D.K. Hood

Armed robberies that end in multiple deaths, an abduction and a later murder. The FBI are called in and Agent Beth Katz is on the case, desperately trying to find clues before the latest abductee is killed… Dark Hearts is the third book in the Beth Katz series (the first two books are Dark Angel […]

Her Feud, by Emma Tallon

Lily Drew is struggling to adapt to her lover’s betrayal, her daughter’s death and her son’s estrangement. Now she is planning a dangerous revenge attack… Her Feud is the 7th book to feature the organised criminal gang centred around the Drew family and their associates. I think it would be beneficial to read the books […]

The Custody Battle, by Ellie Monago

Madeline wants a divorce. Greg agrees to cooperate but has a plan to delay the proceedings in order to win back his wife and daughter… The Custody Battle is a family drama about divorce proceedings. Madeline has decided she wants a divorce and nothing will stop her. But Greg is going to try his best! […]

The Handmaid’s Tale and The Testaments, by Margaret Atwood (audiobooks)

The Handmaid’s tale is a modern classic. I last read it over 20 years ago and have not yet seen the TV series. Offred is a handmaid whose sole purpose is to procreate with her commander. She is resented at all levels of society whilst also resenting her situation. She dreams of freedom but is […]