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book review

I Could Be You, by Sheila Bugler

  Former journalist Dee discovers the body of her friend Katie, a victim of a hit and run. Or so it seems… The police soon discover that the body is not Katie’s but a woman who looks a great deal like her and was wearing her clothes and pushing her buggy. Where has Dee’s friend […]

Tipping Point, by Terry Tyler

I approached this book with a little trepidation as the previous book that I’d read from Terry Tyler was absolutely superb (see my review of Hope). Could Tipping Point live up to my expectations…? YES! The arrival of a deadly disease is spreadng across the world. Some have been vaccinated but most are doomed. Vicky’s […]

Her Last Goodnight, by Michael Scanlon

  Finnegan Beck’s latest case is the murder of Eddie Kavanagh, beaten to death but not robbed of the engagement ring he was carrying. Beck is convinced that there is a connection with a local brothel but his superiors are skeptical. Then other witnesses are found murdered too… Finnegan Beck is a complex characters and […]

The Small Hand, by Susan Hill: book and TV review comparison

Susan HIll has been terrifying me since I was little (aged about 10 and there is NO WAY I would let Matthew read it as he approaches the same age!) when I read and then watched The Woman In Black. I also saw the theatre production in my 20s and scared myself silly. Simply spooky […]

The Mothers, by Sarah J. Naughton

    Blimey, what a book! The Mothers front cover gives little away about the extraordinary journey readers are taken on over the course of this book. Part police investigation, part psychological mystery, part woman-affirming literature. Five women united by their antenatal classes continue their unlikely friendship with regular meet ups to discuss the highs […]