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book review

Missing Before Daylight, by Carolyn Arnold

A teenager is shot dead in a gas station and another woman abducted. An investigation reveals that Katherine received anonymous threatening letters but who and why…? Missing Before Daylight is the 10th book in the Detective Amanda Steele series. There are references to personal plotlines that have evolved over the series, but no spoilers about […]

Murder in the Library, by Anita Davison

1916, London, Hannah is volunteering as a librarian at the hospital library but one morning she finds a patient has been shot dead. The man had been unpopular among the other soldiers, patients and medical staff but who wanted him dead? Then a nurse, who she thinks she is being followed, disappears… Murder in the […]

Matt Millz, audiobook written and read by Harry Hill

Matt Mills dreams of being a stand up comedian but it is a tough business and he is only 12! Matt Millz is a children’s book aimed at ages 9-12 but adults will love it too! I wish I could bottle how happy this book made me. The stupid smile I had throughout, the laugh […]

The Library Murders, by Merryn Allingham

Flora and Jack are organising a book event in the village. But a first edition Dickens is stolen and the librarian is found dead. The main suspect is someone Flora used to know but his arrival in the village seems odd and he was discovered standing over the body… The Library Murders is the 8th […]

Death at Lovers’ Leap, by Catherine Coles

1948, Martha Miller is feeling blue on Valentine’s Day with a missing husband and an unrequited love for the vicar. But things get worse when she finds a young man’s dead body… Death at Lovers’ Leap is the third book to feature amateur sleuths Martha and Luke in an English village shortly after WW2. I […]