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book review

The Bride, by Wendy Clarke

      Alice Solomon has lost her mum, her job and her fiance. But now she has the chance to reconnect with her childhood best friend Joanna who invites her to London to meet her fiance. But when Alices arrives, Mark informs her that Joanna has gone missing… Most of the plot is delivered […]

Her Darkest Hour, by Sharon Maas

  TRIGGER WARNING: this book is set during the second World War and contains upsetting details of Nazi atrocities Alsace has been overrun by the Nazis and its occupants are being forced to adopt German names and forbidden to speak French. Her Darkest Hour is the tale of the war experiences of the Gaultier and […]

Little Whispers, by K.L. Slater

  Janey Markham and her family relocate to a new area and a more high status lifestyle after her husband gets a new job. Despite her lack of confidence, she manages to join the exclusive clique of school mums and even gets a new part time job. But something isn’t right in her marriage or […]

As Greek As It Gets, by Sue Roberts

  Alice is heading to a Greek island for her hen party. Her wedding plans are spiralling out of control as her fiance Max keeps adding guests and extras which mean the small intimate wedding of her dreams is not possible. Alice gets chatting to a Greek stranger and ends up spilling all the secrets […]

The Little Village of New Starts, by Donna Ashcroft

  Evie Stuart is hiding away on the family farm in picturesque Scotland, trying to forget about her ex-fiance who turned out to be married with a baby on the way. She is scared of being judged by the people in the village so stays on the farm as much as possible. Her family hire […]