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book review

The Room in the Attic, by Louise Douglas

1903 All Hallows asylum takes in a woman and child with severe mental trauma. Elderly nurse Emma Everdeen takes charge of their care. 1993 Lewis Tyler is forcibly taken to All Hallows boarding school whilst still grieving the loss of his mother. He makes friends with outcast Isak but the boys are haunted by the […]

The Hidden Girl, by Roger Stelljes

TRIGGER WARNING: this book contains multiple rapes and murders Former FBI agent Tori Hunter is adjusting to life back in her hometown when a double homicide leads her to question her career, home and family history. But the murders have only just begun… The Hidden Girl is a gripping and intense crime thriller. It is […]

The Silent Mother, by Liz Lawler

TRIGGER WARNING: this book centres on the aftermath of suicide Dr Ruth Bennett is amazingly proud of her only child Thomas who has just qualified as a doctor. She is concenred and confused when she receives a voicemail from him to ask her to attend court. But Thomas never shows up and is found dead, […]

Silent Island, by Dana Perry

  An eminent doctor and his family are brutally murdered with the exception of his eldest daughter. Abby Pearce leads the investigation, racing against time to uncover the killer and find the missing girl… Silent Island is the second book to feature Abby as she adjusts to live away from New York. I have previously […]

Murder at the Wedding, by Helena Dixon

Lady Kitty Underhay and her private investigator beau Matthew Bryant are invited to Thurscomb Castle for her cousin’s wedding. But the nuptials are overshadowed by a murder and the pair are straight on the case. Can they find the killer and prevent another death? Murder at the Wedding is the 7th book by Helena Dixon […]