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book review

Good Little Liars, by Sarah Clutton

Twenty five years ago, a student died at a prestigious school is Australia: was is an accident or murder? In the present day, school friends are preparing for a reunion and secrets are ready to be revealed… Emma’s day gets off to a bad start when she sends an email reply to all instead of […]

The Flower Show Murder, by Faith Martin

  Monica Noble and her vicar husband Graham, who we met in the first book in the series The Vicarage Murder, are called upon to help judge at a flower show in a neighbouring village by their friend, another vicar James. During the competition, James drops to the floor, dead. A second murder takes places […]

Severed, by Stewart Giles

Severed is the 10th book in  Stewart Giles’ Jason Smith series, and it is the first book from this author that I have read. It will NOT be the last. Smith and his team are called in when a university student’s room starts to smell bad. Her body is discovered inside, completely drained of blood. […]

Her Missing Child, by Kerry Watts

This book was sooooo good. I read it in less than 24 hours. I really couldn’t put it down (poor Zach really didn’t get much attention from me that day!) Darren and Claire Lucas have not found parenthood particularly easy due to postnatal depression but adore baby Finlay. Next door neighbours Dianne and Colin lost […]

No Time to Say Goodbye, by Kate Hewitt

Nathan’s world falls apart when his wife is shot on the subway. He realises that he has spent too much time working and not enough with his family and now it is too late. He finds out his wife was volunteering at a refugee centre and goes there to find out more. He meets Maria, […]