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book review

The Murder Affair, by Alice Castle

Beth’s mother is grieving the loss of her male friend but at the funeral other women claim he was dating them too. His death was suspicious so could one of his women have taken revenge on the cheating man? The Murder Affair is the 9th book in the Beth Haldane series. I have previously read […]

Murder in the Scottish Hills, by Lydia Travers

Things have been quiet at the detective agency since their last successful case. Maud and Daisy take on a case for free when someone suspects art forgery is taking place in a small village. But on the way there, the pair discover a dead body on the train… Murder in the Scottish Hills is the […]

The Woman in Carriage 3, by Alison James

Hattie is an unhappy temp, commuting to and from London every day. She usually catches the 18.53 train home and one day an incident stops the train. Those in the carriage strike up an unlikely friendship until one of them dies… The Woman in Carriage 3 is a psychological thriller set in the UK. Hattie […]

An Unsuitable Heiress, by Jane Dunn

Corinna Ormesby cuts her hair and dresses as a man in order to travel to London to try to find her biological father. She ends up in a fist fight and joins a unit of close young male friends. But can she keep her true self hidden? An Unsuitable Heiress is an historical romance novel […]

Savage Sisters, by Heather Atkinson

Jane, Carly and Rose are the daughters of Alec Savage, a hard man from Glasgow now struck down with Parkinson’s. Jane has relinquished control of the Bitches gang to care for her family and Carly has been dumped by her prisoner boyfriend Cole while Rose is still at school. Now Cole is out of prison […]