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book review

Fear in the Lakes, by Graham Smith

  A new case for DC Beth Young and her colleagues. A man is found alive but with devastating injuries. James Sinclair is a quiet man who stays in the background so why has he been attacked? Next, two bodies belonging to hgang members are pulled from the river with gruesome damage to their heads. […]

The Marriage Betrayal, by Shalini Boland

  A trip to his childhood town with his family is supposed to be a birthday treat for Jake but from the start things do not go well. His wife Faye is upset that her plan for a happy holiday has gone awry and agrees they can abandon it all and head back home once […]

The Liar’s House, by Carla Kovach

  The fourth book to feature DI Gina Harte and once again her personal life is mixed up in a murder case. A woman is found dead after a party and there are links to the disappearance of another woman years ago. It soon becomes clear that both women were involved in wife swapping parties […]

A Very French Affair, by Sue Roberts

  Time for summer lovin’! Cake baker Liv returns to France to search for the father of her son, conceived during a summer of passion 20 years ago. Andre left to go travelling and Liv never saw him again but discovered she was pregnant and couldn’t find him to let him know he has a […]

The Friendship Pact, by Alison James

Lucy and Adele meet at secondary school but their lives are worlds apart: Lucy’s family are rich, Adele’s are not. Their friendship endures until one day a tragic accident occurs which Adele helped to cause. Lucy promises to keep quiet, hence the book’s title The Friendship Pact, but the girls drift apart due to the […]