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book review

A Marriage To Murder For, by E.V. Hunter

Minor celebrity Chrystabel is hoping her wedding to Giles will boost her career. But they are not the loved up couple they appear. She started dated him on the rebound and is still in contact with her ex, while GIles is in love with one of her bridesmaids. The wedding definitely won’t go ahead once […]

The New Nanny, by L.G. Davis

TRIGGER WARNING: miscarriage Christa starts a new job as housekeeper and nanny for the Mayer family in Austria. But she finds the role bizarre as the child is 15 year old Wyatt, she is banned from visiting the village and the last nanny disappeared in mysterious circumstances and has never been found… The New Nanny […]

Murder in Autumn, by Lesley Cookman

Libby feels responsible after her guest criticises the Shakespeare production she is promoting. Her guest Constance is later found dead and the disgruntled actors are suspected… Murder in Autumn is the 25th book in the Libby Sarjeant amateur sleuth series and I have not read anything by this author before. There are mentions about events […]

The Shadow Girls, by Dawn Merriman

Rylan was the last person to see Bess before she disappeared. The police are involved and fear for Bess’ safety. But Rylan can speak to ghosts and has had no sign of Bess from the other side so believes she is still alive. She tries to help the police to find the missing woman but […]