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Super Cute Little Babies toy review

*I was sent this toy for the purpose of this review. All photos and opinions are my own.

The Super Cute Little Babies are cute and they’re super!
There are four characters to collect (Sofi, Gabi, Sisi and Kala). Each is committed to saving the planet by raising awareness of humanity’s impact on the environment.
The dolls are available in two sizes. We received the larger doll of Gabi and the smaller doll of Kala.

The larger dolls have a light up button on their chest which represents their super power (sun, wind, water and plants). Batteries are not included. In keeping with the environmental theme, there are instructions on how to recycle the various aspects of the packaging which I really liked.

Anya couldn’t wait to play with the dolls. She was instantly drawn to the large doll. The light up button on the chest works when the doll is ‘fed’ using the bottle. The mask can be removed and the cape tucks into the bib so she can hide her super identity. Booties can be removed and reversed. The doll comes with a brush and comb so that the hair can be styled.
The smaller doll has the same details as the larger doll but without the reversible outfit. The only accessory that comes with the small doll is the bottle but all limbs are articulated so that the head and limbs can move and the doll can be posed.


The eco message of the dolls is a great way to engage with children about being conscious of our impact on the environment.
The dolls are available from a range of online and in store retailers including Tesco.




  1. Hilariously, at first glance, as I saw the batteries on the instructions, I thought they were coivd tests and wondered why you needed those….ha! That’s a sign I’ve been changed by these last two years….what a cute toy! I bet it’s popular…#Dreamteam

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