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Holiday 2023 day 1: Hailes Abbey, Witley Court, Stokesay Castle

We’ve just got back from holiday so it is time for me to start processing and appreciating the wonderful time we had!
The first day was the only day I had actually planned out completely. We were traveling to Wales with the dogs who were staying at a kennel quite near to our holiday cottage. I therefore planned stops every 60-90 minutes to avoid boredom for the kids and pups!
All three of our stops were English Heritage sites so we got free entry because we’ve been members for several years. First of all, we visited Hailes Abbey.

We also popped into the small church next door which had the remnants of bright wall frescos and tiles on the floor.
After a quick McDonalds, we went to Witley Court. The main building is a ruin and I liked the photographs to show what the rooms used to look like. There is no roof so the property was very damp in the rain! But we still enjoyed exploring the house and gardens.
Dogs were welcome throughout the site even in the magnificently decorated church despite the rain.

Our final stop in England was Stokesay Castle. The yellow of the gatehouse makes the property stand out even in the rain. Dogs were allowed in the outdoor areas but only one of the buildings.


We then crossed into Wales and dropped the dogs at the kennels. I felt absolutely heartbroken even though the owners seemed lovely and the dogs were relaxed and happy. We drove onto our cottage Hendy in Groes and settled in ready for the week ahead.

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