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Holiday 2023 day 5: St Asaph, Rhyl and more!

We had planned to drive to Liverpool on day 5 of our holiday. But Anya wasn’t feeling 100% so we decided to stay closer to our cottage in case we had to head back quickly (thankfully she was fine!) Our first stop was St Asaph’s Cathedral which we had driven past several times already.   […]

Holiday 2023 day 4: Conwy, Pili Palas and Beaumaris

Another day, another castle! This time: Conwy Castle. We tested the strength in our legs once more to deal with all the spiral staircases and enjoyed the beautiful sights from the battlements. We then found the smallest house in Britain. Incredible to believe that anyone ever lived here! Our next visit was to Plas Mawr, […]

Holiday 2023 day 3: Caernarfon and Anglesey

We struck out further afield on our next day of the holiday. Our first stop was Caernarfon Castle. It is a Cadw site so we had free entry with our English Heritage membership. There were plenty of spiral staircases, towering turrets and dark passageways to explore and admire. I liked the ‘wizard chess’ reminiscent of […]

Holiday 2023 day 2: Denbigh, Prestatyn and more!

After our long drive to Wales, we didn’t want to travel too far on our second day of holiday. We drove 10 minutes to Denbigh and began by exploring the castle. Our English Heritage membership gives free entry to Cadw sites and we certainly made use of our cards on this holiday! Next we wandered […]

Holiday 2023 day 1: Hailes Abbey, Witley Court, Stokesay Castle

We’ve just got back from holiday so it is time for me to start processing and appreciating the wonderful time we had! The first day was the only day I had actually planned out completely. We were traveling to Wales with the dogs who were staying at a kennel quite near to our holiday cottage. […]