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#Project365 2022 week 4

Day 22: enjoying their new Cats Vs Pickles reversible toys (sent for review)

Day 23: I can’t remember what meat tasted like 20 years ago but this range is so juicy and has great texture

Day 24: Anya’s ancient Greece homework

Day 25: latest vegan treat for my breakfast

Day 26: Zach getting to grips with a screwdriver to change some batteries

Day 27: poor Chris has to deal with this grumpy face every time I wash my hair. Brave man!

Day 28: Friday games night again and we enjoyed draughts, Connect 4 and pick up sticks

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  1. I love THIS too, their bacon is so good. I haven’t had meat for 14 years, so I don’t remember the taste. A few days ago I went to a vegan restaurant with a meat-eater and commented that some fake meats are really realistic. I find that very interesting.

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