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#Project365 2019 week 51

Day 349: Mum and Dad have finally put their decorations up and the singing/dancing penguin with its rather morose Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas remains a favourite

Day 350: early morning excitement when Anya finished first in the Mariokart game on the laptop

Day 351: Anya’s final Christmas play.

Day 352: take a look at my last minute vegan gift ideas including this bamboo toothbrush which can be gifted as a subscription

Day 353: we managed to wait until 10am on release day to see Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. LOVED IT!

Day 354: school is done for the year (and decade!) and Anya and Zach set about designing their own cafe with help from the Wannabees Cafe Owner pack

Day 355: finally got around to putting out Christmas cards up then noticed a pile in the kitchen after taking this pic!

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  1. Wow, you didn’t waste much time getting to Star Wars! I saw people going at midnight and I wondered how on earth they would stay awake! My husband and son went on Sunday. I must admit I’m not interested at all.
    You certainly get a lot of Christmas cards when you have young kids in the house. I don’t think my kids have had any cards at all!
    Merry Christmas to you all.

  2. You didn’t waste much time getting to Star Wars. My husband and son went on Thursday. It’s not my thing. We have a lot of cards too with the younger two in primary. I hope you had a great Christmas xx

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