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Archive for June 2022

A Harvest Murder, by Frances Evesham

Four amateur sleuths investigate a missing farmer. Did Joe run away due to his overbearing mother in law or is there something more sinister behind his disappearance…? A Harvest Murder is the third book in the Ham Hill series by Frances Evesham. It is the first book that I have read of the series so […]

The Colour of Summer, by Victoria Connelly

Abigail and Edward are co-owners of Winfield Hall and are renting out apartments with varying degrees of success. Romance flutters in the air but secrets lurk in the shadows… The Colour of Summer is the third and final book in Victoria Connelly’s series and I have reviewed the first book in the series The House […]

Sister Agatha, by Domhnall O’Donoghue

Sister Agatha is 118 and the fifth oldest living person. She believes she only has a week left to live and it is her ambition to be the oldest in the world. She has a week to kill off the four people older than herself… What a book! Sister Agatha is an absolutely fantastic novel, […]

Murder at the Country Club, by Helena Dixon

Kitty and her fiance Matthew are invited to an exclusive country club. Their host Sir William Winspear wishes to have a secret meeting with Matthew but is murdered before the pair can meet. What did he want to tell Matthew and did it get him killed? Murder at the Country Club is the 9th book […]

Jurassic World Dominion review

Last weekend we went to see Jurassic World Dominion. It is the sixth film in the franchise and concludes the plot and character arcs. The film begins four years after the events at Lockwood House and the release of dinosaurs into the wild. Dinosaurs are now at risk from poachers and other forms of exploitation. […]