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Jurassic World Dominion review

Last weekend we went to see Jurassic World Dominion. It is the sixth film in the franchise and concludes the plot and character arcs.

The film begins four years after the events at Lockwood House and the release of dinosaurs into the wild. Dinosaurs are now at risk from poachers and other forms of exploitation. Claire and Owen live in a remote woodland home with Maisie Lockwood who is also being hunted. One day velociraptor Blue turns up with a baby and shortly afterwards both the baby and Maisie are kidnapped.
Meanwhile Ellie Sattler enlists the help of Alan Grant to help investigate a plague of gigantic locusts that is destroying crops and upsetting the food chain. She gets special permission to visit the Biosyn lab and dinosaur reserve in Italy to meet with Dr Ian Malcolm.
Fans of the series will love this film. Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum all reprise their roles, 29 years after they originally starred in Jurassic Park. Meanwhile there are the newer characters Owen and Claire who are dynamic and jump headfirst into danger to protect their adopted daughter. They are involved in some pretty impressive and intense chase scenes. This counteracts some of the longer aspects that dragged a little.
I was hugely excited when I heard the name Dodgson as he appeared in the first film and hired Nedry to steal the dinosaur embryos.

Dr Wu also returns and is trying to atone for his past sins (and we’re blaming him for the whole thing but especially the indominus rex and indoraptor!) The film has some science and cloning detail but this is softened by the emotional discovery of Maisie about her mother.
There are some fab jump scare moments even though I was anticipating them. The dinosaur range has grown and there are some great additions including giganotosaurus and therizinosaurus.

The film is a 12 A in the UK. There were some young children present but we decided not to take 6 year old Zach. The film does contain some bad language and violence as well as multiple dinosaur attacks. I think that seeing the film on the big screen might be a bit scary for little ones.
I thought that the ending satisfyingly concluded the series with a happy and uplifting outcome. The final shots of dinosaurs and ‘normal’ present day animals were superb.


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