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Rome For The Summer, by Lynne Shelby

Rome For The Summer book cover Kate and her family have always loved the painting of a woman in their dining room. But her parents can’t resist it when offered £20,000. Sadly, this is only a fraction of its worth and Kate finds herself without a boyfriend or job. Inspired by the painting she travels to Rome to walk in the footsteps of the woman from the painting.
Rome For The Summer is a mix of romance and history, art and travel. The majority of the story is told from Kate’s perspective but we also have sections set 200 years ago so we can see Charlotte’s experiences. The art world and setting of Italy have been richly researched and provide a vivid backdrop for the plot developments.
Kate is quite rightly devastated by her ex’s deception and needs some space to heal her heart and consider the future. She is attracted to the artist in residence in Rome but is reluctant to give romance a chance, leading to a gentle and slowly developing relationship.
The tone and style of the novel are warm and light hearted but full of emotion. Kate and Charlotte have both been betrayed by the men they love. Yet they face the future and make the most of their situations. I found myself liking both women and wanting a happy outcome for them.
Rome For The Summer is a delightful story about fresh starts.
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Rome For The Summer
Kate Harper has always loved the painting that has hung in her parents’ dining room for years, never suspecting that it is worth a fortune. When her art dealer boyfriend cheats her family out of the proceeds of the painting’s sale, she is left devastated and alone.
Kate discovers that two hundred years ago, the girl in the painting, Charlotte Browne, ran off to Rome with the artist who painted her portrait, but her eventual fate is unknown.
Hoping to uncover the mystery of what happened to Charlotte, Kate seizes the chance of a summer job in Rome, where she strikes up a friendship with artist Jamie Taylor. As they explore the city and start to piece together the surprising secrets of Charlotte’s life, Kate finds herself wondering if a summer in Rome can mend a broken heart…

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UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rome-Summer-feel-good-escapist-following-ebook/dp/B09HSJ1YCL/
US – https://www.amazon.com/Rome-Summer-feel-good-escapist-following-ebook/dp/B09HSJ1YCL/
Author Bio –
Lynne Shelby writes contemporary women’s fiction and romance. Her debut novel, French Kissing (re-released in e-book as Meet Me In Paris) won the Accent Press and Woman magazine Writing Competition. Her fifth novel, Love On Location, was shortlisted for a Romantic Novelists’ Association Award – the Jane Wenham-Jones Award for Romantic Comedy. When not writing or reading, Lynne can usually be found at the theatre or exploring a foreign city with her writer’s notebook, camera and sketchbook in hand. She lives in London with her husband and has three adult children who live nearby.
Social Media Links –
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LynneShelbyWriter
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LynneShelby5
Instagram: lynneshelbywriter
Website: www.lynneshelby.com


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