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#Project52 2024 week 19

It’s been quite a pants week. My cough came back and then was followed by a stonking cold. I have also had loads of work on so have had to power on through feeling grot. But let’s focus on good things! Starting with me reaching 1000 days continuous play on Duolingo. My French, German and Italian understanding is good but I worry about speaking them if I do ever go abroad.

Bank holiday weekend has arrived and I’m looking forward to an extra day off to get better. But being a mum doesn’t take a break and, despite wanting to be in bed, I made a cauliflower and broccoli cheese and need to go shopping for school shoes for the kids. On a happy note though, making the cheese sauce has inspired me to get back in the kitchen again and start experimenting with vegan and gluten free versions as I’ve become a bit stuck in a rut.

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