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Spider Stampede by Ali Sparkes

Last night we finished reading Spider Stampede which is the first book in the SWITCH series of books by Ali Sparkes. I bought this for Anya when Ali visited Matthew’s school last half term. The book centres around twins Danny and Josh who live next door to scientist Petty Potts. They accidentally get transformed into spiders and then the adventures begin!


I am not a huge fan of spiders (and neither is poor Danny in the book!) but I don’t mind them too much and was fascinated to read how Ali had imagined the world through their eyes. There are fantastic descriptions and the children loved this book. There are also a range of activities at the end of the book which are fun plus a sneak preview of the next book in the series.
Matthew can read this book confidently by himself whilst Anya needed it to be read to her but she could appreciate the concepts involved so I would say the age range is probably 5-8.
My competition to win a copy of Ali’s Thunderstruck (aimed at slightly older readers) is still open to entries: enter below

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  1. I am not a fan of seeing spiders near me or people I love, other than that I am happy for them to exist as I know the eco system needs them. Books are the best things ever and i love when they learn to read it opens a whole new world to them Thank you for joining us in #abloggingggodtime

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