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Dough Nab: a game good enough to eat

Sadly these are not real doughnuts but Zach was adamant they were! Instead they are the pieces in a fast paced grab game Dough Nab, and, after a few rounds of nabbing action, you are grateful they aren’t real as they woud not be looking their best! Dough Nab contains 3 plastic doughnuts and a […]

#Project365 2019 week 41

Day 279: I have been taking these supplements after my latest set of blood tests and will be interested to see if they make any difference when I get the next lot done! These were bought from Amazon and were good value for money. Day 280: night out with fellow bloggers at the VIP opening […]

Slap Ninja: how quick are your reflexes?

Will you discover you are a master or still a student? New game Slap Ninja will tell you! Hone your ninja fast reflexes against your opponent: the master (and his giant hand) are worked using a trigger mechanism and he needs to slap away the hand of the student trying to touch his red coin […]

The Garden on Sparrow Street, by Tilly Tennant

  Ooh, my heartstrings have been pulled with this book! Nina and Robyn both lost their husbands and volunteer at the shop which supports the charity which helped them through their darkest hours. When the shop closes, they both feel a bit lost so join the crusade in their neighbourhood to transform a rundown garden […]

Juno, My Baby Elephant

Well, I think the prize for the cutest toy of the year will go to this one! Meet Juno, My Baby Elephant! Anya was a little dwarfed by the box; well, it is an elephant! When you first remove Juno from the box, put batteries in straightaway! These are not provided and we tried to […]