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The Mistress, by Jill Childs

  Laura is The Mistress. Helen is the wife. Both have been betrayed by Ralph and together they cover up his death… The Mistress is split into two parts, firstly from Laura’s perspective as her life spirals out of control thourgh guilt and fear after she knocks Ralph down the stairs and helps Helen to […]

The Runaway Sisters, by Ann Bennett

  Laura and Helen are sorting through their mother’s belongings after she has a stroke and moves to a care home. They discover a secret cupboard containing letters which raise a number of questions about their mum’s life. Daisy Banks and her little sister Peggy are evacuated from London but their mother dies shortly after […]

#ParentPower linky 3

Hello and thank you to everyone for joining us for our new blog linky…#ParentPower! You don’t need to be a parent to join in but family friendly posts are essential. Have you any parenting hacks, recipes or gift ideas to link up with us? What books or days out have you enjoyed recently? Have you […]

Child Behind The Wall, by Steve Parker

TRIGGER WARNING: Child Behind the Wall contains graphic descriptions of violence and murder including acts against children. Police are called to a burglary but find the thief dead with a mad woman standing over him, wearing his face. She attacks officers but is eventually subdued. Inside the house are the dismembered body parts of children. […]

Soft play success at Run About, Farnborough

I am not a huge fan of soft play. They are often quite dark and dingy places with germs everywhere, packed with other children who have no concept of turn taking or personal space, let alone volume. Run About is completely different. It is brightly lit with natural light from windows down one side and […]