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Forget Me Not, by M.J. Arlidge

A gang drugs war leads to a shooting and the police are expected to put all their eforts into resolving the case. However DI Helen Grace diverts her team to the case of a missing teenager who she believes has been abducted… Forget Me Not is the 12th book in the DI Helen Grace series. […]

Death in a Scottish Castle, by Lydia Travers

1912, Maud and Daisy are invited to a Scottish castle to investigate the disappearance of a valuable statuette. The chief suspect is Lord Urquhart who the pair of detectives have met several times before. But while they are at the castle, a murder takes place… Death in a Scottish Castle is the 4th and possibly […]

Two Mothers, by Kathryn Croft

TRIGGER WARNING: child death, psychological and physical abuse Holly is caring and supportive when Rachel’s daughter dies in a tragic accident. And when Holly’s daughter goes missing, Rachel goes out of her way to search for the toddler and be there for her friend. But then Rachel goes missing and Holly can’t help but wonder […]

#Project52 2024 week 28

We’re still recovering from the stress of last week. It has been a big week for Anya as she went up to secondary school, officially joined her new house and received her tie. Then she had a special watersports activity day and I took her shopping for her first bra at the weekend. My baby […]

Henry VIII’s Imprisoned Women, by Neha Roy

Henry VIII’s Imprisoned Women is a non fiction book about 6 women who were imprisoned in the Tower of London during the reign of Henry VIII. I love the Tudor peiod so was eager to read this book. The majority of the information was not new to me but I was thrilled to discover the […]