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Children’s book review: Uh Oh Milo! The Impolite Imps

Manners can be a tricky thing for children to understand and learn. ‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ are major milestones when children can appreciate their meaning and use them appropriately. But now a new picture book series hopes to help parents everywhere to teach children these vital skills. The first book in the series was published […]

#GlobalBlogging 150

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to #GlobalBlogging! Tracey is still having a break to enjoy time with her twins so please keep me company! Please encourage your friends to join us by sharing on social media (or send them a DM and insist)! Linkies are a great way to discover new blogs and blogging friends […]

It isn’t failure to change your plan

This year I didn’t set resolutions as they have a nasty habit of failing. Instead, I set targets for the whole year for various aspects of my life. We are now 7 weeks in and I am struggling. I am extremely disappointed but trying to focus on the positives. It isn’t my fault my plans […]

#Project366 2020 week 7

Day 40: the storm may be lashing the outside world but calm had descended indoors with some painting.   Day 41: that Monday morning feeling. I woke up and went to the loo, and came back to find these two had hijacked the bed when I returned! Day 42: job number 6 underway. I am […]

Hidden on the Fens, by Joy Ellis

A new case for DI Nikki Galena as a series of strange ‘gifts’ to an academic results in the discovery of a body on the couple’s land in a hidden cottage. The body is missing teen Jennifer and finding it calls into question the convitcion of Patrick Shale for her murder 15 years ago. Meanwhile, […]