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Holiday 2019: Linlithgow Palace and Calderglen Country Park

Linlithgow Palace is a beautiful ruin of a pleasure palace for the Stewart monarchs. James V and his daughter Mary Queen of Scots were booth born here as well as James VI’s daughter Princess E,izabeth from whom the Hanoverians are descended. Sadly the palace became derelict after the monarchy united with that of England and […]

#GlobalBlogging 125

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to Global Blogging! I am having trouble commenting on 3 blogs from last week but will do it as soon as I can! Wherever you are in the world, come and join me and Heather at Shank You Very Much! You can link up any 2 posts then please comment […]

My love-hate relationship with laundry

Love it or hate it, laundry is everywhere! Especially in our house! You may notice that many of my pictures have drying washing in the background, although I do try to crop it out. Here I am bringing shame to my youngest whilst dancing to David Gibb‘s latest CD: Here are the kids being zombies […]

The Night Caller, by J.M.Hewitt

    A murderer is loose on the streets of Manchester. Nicknamed The Pusher, he is responsible for the deaths of several gay men before changing his victim type to those with unpleasant pasts. The police speculate that there are in fact 2 killers as the choice of victim has changed, that the original Pusher […]