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Chickpea and spinach curry with crispy tofu slices

Once again I’d shopped without a weekly meal plan so had no idea what to make with spinach abnd also had tofu that was going out of date soon! I fancied making something with aquafaba again so created this yummy curry to use a tin of chickpeas too. This recipes serves 2 with a big […]

Cold Heart Creek, By Lisa Regan

    Cold Heart Creek is the seventh book from author Lisa Regan to feature Detective Josie Quinn and her team. Two bodies are discovered on the county border and there is evidence of a third person who has now vanished. The autopsy reveals the couple were murdered so fears for the unidentified female companion […]

#DreamTeam 183

Another linky change this week as I have joined #DreamTeam with 3 Little Buttons and Navigating Baby as a permanent host, yay exciting! Sadly Annette has been struck down with flu so best wishes for a speedy recovery and see you back again next week! Take a look at the rules and join us for […]

The Case of the Missing Bride, by Carmen Radtke

In the 1860s a group of 22 young women set sail from Australia destined for new lives and husbands in Canada. They are initially hidden below deck to protect their virtue from the all-male crew and even the captain but are eventually discovered. One woman disappears and the doctor on board begins to investigate with […]

#GlobalBlogging 140

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to #GlobalBlogging! So we have waved goodbye to Heather and Shank You Very Much and now enter a new era with Tracey and The Desperate Housewife! A new badge is on its way but might not be sorted until next week… Wherever you are in the world, come and join […]