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My Name Is Eva, by Suzanne Goldring

  This is an utterly beautiful book, powerful yet understated. A 90-something year old woman in a nursing home reflects on her life, the triumph and the tragedy. Her husband Hugh died during the Second World War but she continued to write to him mouring his loss and that of the life they had planned […]

#StayClassyMama 48

Hello and welcome to the #StayClassyMama linky. We’ve only been back a week but the summer feels like a lifetime ago already! Please have a read of the rules and make sure you have my badge on your post or page. PLEASE REMEMBER TO COMMENT! I was sad to see some posts with no comments: […]

His Secret Family, by Ali Mercer

  Two families, separated by lies and secrets. His Secret Family opens with a wedding and the collision of the two families with dramatic consequences. We are then taken back to explore how the family situations developed. Mark was married to Paula but he walks away from her and their daughter Daisy, unable to cope […]

The summer the dinosaurs invaded the south of England…

Now I don’t want to worry anyone but the dinosaurs have come back! Several of the places close to our home were full of toothy dinos this summer! On a serious note, we have loved exploring our local towns and attractions to keep the kids entertained this summer. It was a great idea and really […]

Play Dead, by Anne Penketh

  I am absolutely thrilled to have added a new author to my bookshelf! I didn’t find out until the end that this was actually the third in the series of DI Sam Clayton books. It works perfectly as a standalone but now I am intrigued as to what I missed (off to hunt for […]