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February 2020: month in review

February disappeared in the blink of an eye! Family: lots of wider family events including a christening for my cousin’s son, and my niece and nephew stayed over for 2 nights during half term. We had a family photo shoot with Mum and Dad and all their grandchildren which was lovely (here are my three […]

January 2020: month in review

Phew, January is over at last (did it seem to last forever to you too?) Here is a round up of what we’ve been up to on my blog and in real life in the new decade. Chris made me laugh by asking if my photo from 2010 was more recent as I still wear […]

#Blogmas18 day 17: Christmas books

Top of my list has got to be A Christmas Carol. It was my first classic fiction book and is a fab introduction to Dickens and other great authors. It isn’t actually a full novel so is much more accessible to younger readers. The book that I had also contained 2 other of Dickens’ shorter […]

A Love So Sweet by Addison Cole: review and giveaway

Being a fan of Addison’s Seaside and Bayside series of books, I was looking forward to this new series about the Braden family. These books are also Sweet with Heat so they are not explicit in terms of content or language. I’ll be perfectly honest, it took me a while to get used to the […]

#Blogtober18 day 8: hearing them read for #LibrariesWeek

Reading is one of the greatest pleasures in my life. I am very thankful that my children all love books too. Working in education, I know that reading is essential in order to be able to access the rest of the curriculum. I started reading to Matthew while I was pregnant. I chose rhyming books […]