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Pavement rules, ok?!

Anya is about to start walking to school on her own. I am worried. Crossing the road, cars coming out of driveways etc. But there is another vehicle I am worried about.
Bikes are classed as a vehicle and can cause severe injury to pedestrians. Rule 64 of the HIghway Code says ‘You MUST NOT cycle on a pavement.’ (emphasis is theirs). However in the last fortnight I have had 4 encounters with bikes riding on the pavement while I have been walking or running.
My hackles were really raised this mmorning when a cyclist on the pavement behind me as I ran dinged his bell for me to move out of the way then a few metres ahead got onto the road to go round a man. Is it because I am a woman that cyclists think they can force me out of their way?
Last week a female cyclist called for me to move aside. I told her it was illegal to ride on the pavement but she said she doesn’t like roads. WTF?! There are lots of things I don’t like but it doesn’t mean I can break the law to get my own way. Does she use this to justify shoplifting if she doesn’t like paying? Or stabbing someone because she doesn’t like them? No, no, NO!
It is illegal, end of story. However, I have written previously about making my kids into criminals by allowing them to cycle on the pavement while they learn to ride. I think any reasonable person would make allowances for children under the age of 10 although I have heard of instances when police have asked children to stop riding on pavements.
On Friday, Zach’s class took in wheeled toys including bikes and scooters for a lesson on push/pull forces. Zach was injured when another child riding a bike crashed into him as he was walking. The gash on his neck could have been a lot more serious if any deeper but it really brought home to me the danger of collision with bikes.
Please follow the law and ride your bikes on the road!

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  1. Bikes on pavements annoy me so much. Here our paths are really narrow and if there is one behind me I will deliberately slow down and not let them pass. It’s petty but rules are rules!
    Oh no, poor Zach. It does go to prove how much damage bikes can do.

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