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Pavement rules, ok?!

Anya is about to start walking to school on her own. I am worried. Crossing the road, cars coming out of driveways etc. But there is another vehicle I am worried about. Bikes. Bikes are classed as a vehicle and can cause severe injury to pedestrians. Rule 64 of the HIghway Code says ‘You MUST NOT […]

Bike highs and lows

This year I was determined that Matthew would learn to ride his bike without his stabilisers. Of course once I was putting effort into him, Anya announced that she wanted to do it too!       So then we had the first problem that Anya was more confident (fearless) and competent but being older […]

#MySundayPhoto birthdays and bikes! Sunday 4th June

Well what a week! 2 birthdays plus Matt has moved on to riding his bike without stabilisers! Super proud mummy! Very happy and lucky boy! Matt had a great 7th birthday! #proudmummy #birthday #mbloggers #parentingblogger #ukblogger #ukparentbloggers #lego #starwarsfan #stillmybaby A post shared by Laura Beresford (@loopyloulaura) on May 31, 2017 at 3:30am PDT   […]

Yay! Matthew gets his Beavers cycling badge!

Matthew proudly came out of school on Friday with the class bear. I was less thrilled. we always seem to get it when we have NOTHING planned… Phew! Monday night is Beavers night and luckily they were completing their cycling badges: something to write about! We panicked a few weeks ago when the schedule was […]

I have turned my son into a criminal

The Highway Code for cyclists rule 64 clearly states ‘You MUST NOT cycle on a pavement’ (use of capitals is theirs not mine!). Today we were almost knocked into by 3 teenagers on their way to school. They were riding their bikes on the pavement. I understand. I really do. I wouldn’t want my children […]