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#Project365 2023 week 41

Day 281: all of the kids wanted to go out on their bikes and Zach was desperate to ride over to my mum and dad’s Day 282: aaaand covid is back in the house with a positive from Matt! Day 283: happy and unexpected news for a Monday morning. I was sure that Ash would […]

Pavement rules, ok?!

Anya is about to start walking to school on her own. I am worried. Crossing the road, cars coming out of driveways etc. But there is another vehicle I am worried about. Bikes. Bikes are classed as a vehicle and can cause severe injury to pedestrians. Rule 64 of the HIghway Code says ‘You MUST NOT […]

Autumn half term bucket list

OK so somehow the first half term of school has finished! I have absolutely no idea where the last 7 weeks have gone. How can little Anya be a sixth of the way through Year R already? I am really looking forward to having some time with all three children and I’m sure Zach can’t […]

Bike highs and lows

This year I was determined that Matthew would learn to ride his bike without his stabilisers. Of course once I was putting effort into him, Anya announced that she wanted to do it too!       So then we had the first problem that Anya was more confident (fearless) and competent but being older […]

Bye bye summer!

It is almost the autumnal equinox so it’s time to wave goodbye to summer for this year once and for all 🙁 You may recall that I set our family a summer bucket list…well, how did we get on?! A trip on a train We cheated a bit on this one. We didn’t go on […]