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Autumn half term bucket list

OK so somehow the first half term of school has finished! I have absolutely no idea where the last 7 weeks have gone. How can little Anya be a sixth of the way through Year R already?
I am really looking forward to having some time with all three children and I’m sure Zach can’t wait to have some better entertainment than boring old me!
So what am I hoping we’ll get up to in half term? Well…
  • Lego Ninjago Movie
After the success of going to the cinema to see Despicable Me over the summer, I want to take Matthew and Anya to see Ninjago
  • Baking
It has been AGES since I got a chance to make anything in the kitchen. Jam tarts are high on my list and a cake (possibly my lemon drizzle or choc mocha)
  • Park
Anya ALWAYS chooses this for her first choice of activity. I personally hate the playground as trying to keep an eye on 3 kids at once is a nightmare, especially as Matt is a scaredycat, Anya is fearless and Zach has no sense of danger!
  • Yes, those dreaded bikes again!
I had lots of good intentions over the summer but we didn’t get to practice much on their bikes so I’d like to have at least 1 outing to let them have a go
  • A day out
We have my MIL visiting for part of next week and Chris has taken a day off work so that we can go out. We haven’t yet decided if it will be some sort of attraction or a shopping trip, it will depend on the weather!
I hope you all have an amazing half term whatever you are doing!



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  2. Sounds like you have some great ideas to keep everyone entertained, makes things alot easier to have things planned in your head when they utter those ‘Im Bored’ convo’s. Hope you all have a lovely week x #bigpinklink

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