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#Project365 2023 week 41

Day 281: all of the kids wanted to go out on their bikes and Zach was desperate to ride over to my mum and dad’s

Day 282: aaaand covid is back in the house with a positive from Matt!

Day 283: happy and unexpected news for a Monday morning. I was sure that Ash would give birth first but when I fed the guineas I spotted these little ones in Scarlet’s cage!


Day 284: more good news as I reached 800 days on Duolingo!

Day 285: blimey these babies can eat!

Day 286: usually by this time of year our tree is red but not this year!

Day 287: Friday 13th, unlucky…? Yes, now I’ve got covid!


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  1. The bike ride sounds like fun.
    Oh no! I hope you and Matt are feeling OK.
    Aww! Congratulations to the new additions. I didn’t expect them to look so much like guinea pig’s when they were first born. How cute! x

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