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#Project365 2021 week 43

Day 298: finally time to catch up with Joe Wicks and Duggee!


Day 299: reconnecting with nature and spending time with my parents

Day 300: a little bit of history as Matthew wanted to see my Year 7 report. I feel so sorry for my PE teacher who had 5 years of miserable me!

Day 301: blurred but the happiness of having cousins to stay radiates from this pic! My three look more gung ho than my niece and nephew…

Day 302: I have absolutely no problem with screentime especially when it is a social event. I don’t think Zach was still at all as they negotiated collaboration and criticism together 🙂


Day 303: definitely feeling like autumn now

Day 304: my final run of the year (fair weather, moi?!) and it was dark when I set out at 7am!

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  1. Were you a good student? Do the kids have lots to live up to? lol. Lovely to spend time with your parents and their cousins, yours do look far more energetic jumping off that log.. Love the colours of the autumn leave, sure is quite dark in the mornings when I wake up

  2. I really am impressed that you still have your school reports, I suspect I have mine somewhere but I am not sure where! I am impressed with the running full stop regardless of it only being in the light. I wouldn’t want to run in the dark either.

  3. How lovely that you have kept your school reports. I suspect my Mum keeps all mine too. What a happy picture of your guys jumping with their cousins. It is dark in the morning now. A beautiful shot.

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