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Archive for March 2023

Hidden, by Shalini Boland

1880s, Alexandre Chevalier travels abroad on an archaeological adventure looking for a lost underground city. He finds a secret he never expected… Present day, Madison Greene has been brought up in care with her brother. She is shocked on her 17th birthday to be visited by a lawyer who tells her she has inherited a […]

The Slumber Party, by Shannon Hollinger

Four girls ready for their prom, graduation and 18th birthdays. But one night changes everything. Fifteen years later and the truth is finally about to be revealed… The Slumber Party is a dual timeline psychological thriller set in America. Liz, Sami, Amy and Mo used to be inseparable but fifteen years later life and death […]

#Project365 2023 week 12

Day 77: a trip to Dymchurch to wish Chris’ mum a happy Mother’s Day and the pups loved their first time on a beach and sand Day 78: a lovely Mother’s Day and made even better when I collected two new family members! Here are our girls Toffee and Sugar that we rehomed Day 79: […]

His Fatal Legacy, by Heather Atkinson

Robert is happily married and devoted to his wife Jane. But he still has sadistic urges which he needs to release… His Fatal Legacy is the third book in the Alardyce series set in the late Victorian era in Scotland. I have previously read and reviewed The first two books: The Missing Girls of Alardyce […]

The Lost Mother of Ireland, by Susanne O’Leary

Laura is a nurse and inherits a cottage and a mystery after the death of a patient who became a friend. She heads to Sandy Cove and tries to reunite a painting with its owner… The Lost Mother of Ireland is the 6th book in the Starlight Cottages series. Each book works as a stand […]