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A new addition to our games nights: Dobble!

My sister has been espousing the joys of Dobble for years but we have only just added it to our games collection for our weekly games night. I was really happy to find that a donation is made to Great Ormond Street Hospital for this edition of the game.   Dobble is a card game […]

The Watchmaker’s Daughter, by Dianne Haley

Switzerland 1942: Valerie watches with fear and incredulity as the war gets ever closer. She is anxious to stop the incessant rise of Nazi power and helps with resistance. Her sweetheart Philippe is a soldier but Valerie’s actions could spell danger for the man she loves… The Watchmaker’s Daughter is an historical novel set in […]

The Caretaker, by Emily Shiner

Amy and Tim are having a fresh start and buy a new house. But they hire Paul to be their caretaker and his motives are more sinister than they could ever imagine… The Caretaker is a psychological thriller that was a gripping read. I had to suspend my disbelief a little but the plot was […]

Hidden in the Shadows, by Imogen Matthews

Laura and Wouter are inhabitants in the hidden village of Berkehnout when it is raided by the Nazis. They both flee in opposite directions: will the young sweethearts be reuinited? Hidden in the Shadows is the second book by Imogen Matthews to describe wartime experiences in Holland. It is the sequel to The Hidden Village […]

Children’s book: What Makes A Lemur Listen?

What Makes A Lemur Listen? is a children’s picture book written by Samuel Langley-Swain and illustrated by Helena Panayi. Young lemur Maki is not keen on listening to his mum. Sound familiar?! With 3 children of my own, I saw our family in this straight away! The problem of wanting to be grown up but […]