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Sensory craft for autumn: shape and colour wheel

With autumn now well established and the majority of the trees finally losing their leaves, I took the children out to explore the shapes, sounds, colours and textures of the season.

There is something ever so satisfying about stomping through rustling crunchy leaves. We seem to have had little rain this autumn so they have not mulched down into a squelchy layer, instead mantaining their shape and crispness.

The riot of colour is starting to dull as the older leaves are now decidedly brown but the top ones are bright yellow with orange and red tones.

We took our time looking for the different shape and leaves, collecting some to take home. I then created a colour and shape wheel to show some of the diversity of the season.


I hope to try this activity again in summer using brightly coloured petals.
What is your favourite season?


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  2. This activity sounds awesome! I used to love looking at all the different colored leaves in fall. Hope you’ll share the summer craft on your blog too. #MischiefandMemories

  3. We love a scrunch through the leaves when they’re nice and crisp. It’s such a satisfying sound! My boys were delighted that we had a frost this morning which meant the grass was crunch which is equally satisfying! #MischiefAndMemories

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