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home learning

Home learning week 8

We are still ploughing on with our schedule to keep some semblance of normality, but the kids are increasingly disengaged with learning. I can understand that they are home with all their toys so learning is the last thing on their mind. Work for me has been reasonably busy this week following the government announcement […]

Home learning week 7

A short week due to the Friday bank holiday but it is getting increasingly difficult to get the kids to work: they are tending to rush through things unless I give them individual attention which is obviously tricky when there is only one of me and three of them! Anyway, here is the plan versus […]

Home learning week 6

Week 6 was the trickiest yet as I had 3 virtual work meetings so couldn’t dedicate the time to the chidren that they need to stay focussed on learning. Although my attempt at a nap was thwarted too… MONDAY 27.04.2020 9.00-9.30 PE with Joe Starting the week with energy and Joe in a suit, the […]

Home Learning week 5: back to work!

After a less academic and more skills based fortnight for the Easter holidays, we have been back to a stricter schedule this week. Here is the plan versus the reality:   MONDAY 20.04.2020 9.00-9.30 PE with Joe 9.30-10 Break 10-11 English: spellings, reading, Maths: Mathletics, Times Table Rockstars 11-1 Meal prep, lunch and relax 1-3 […]

Home learning weeks 3 and 4 (Easter holidays)

We might have had two weeks of Easter but I felt it was important to keep a routine in place so that it wouldn’t be too tricky to get back into afterwards! With the exception of the bank holidays and weekends, we followed a reduced schedule compare to the first two weeks of home learning […]