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Bargain hunter: Timotei at Lloyds Pharmacy for 50p

Now I love hunting for bargains, and my local Lloyds Pharmacy usually has a couple of fab products on offer but you have to keep your eyes peeled.

This week I was in to collect my prescription and took a look at the shelves. Timotei Pure for 50p?! Surely not! But yes, they had shampoo, conditioner and 2 in 1 all for 50p each. I bought a bottle of 2 in 1 to try out.

This was a transparent shampoo with a really delicate fragrance (the green tea?). The first application didn’t lather too much but the second time there were loads of bubbles for my long hair and it felt really clean.

I love the notion of purity with this product, from the lack of colour so it looks like water to the use of organic green tea as an aroma.

Did the clean feeling last? Well, it is now the next day and it still looks and feels freshly washed. So it looks like I’m heading back out there before the school run to pick up some more 🙂

UPDATE Saturday: Chris just asked me if I’d washed my hair again and I replied not since Thursday. He said it still looked really clean and then touched it and said it felt soft and conditioned. 🙂 Glad I bought 2 more bottles yesterday!

UPDATE Monday: I washed my hair again today. It could have lasted another day but it was starting to feel a bit greasy. I am soooooo impressed with this product!


  1. Hi Laura, I haven’t used Timotei in years, not for any particular reason as I did love it. I know I won’t find it for 50p here, but maybe I’ll have to give it another g, especially if it keeps hair looking cleaner for longer. Not, that I think my husband would notice!

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


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