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Embrace the sensory Christmas spirit with The Lost Wish and Elfland

*I was given a selection of goodies at a blogging conference but there was no expectation for me to post on my blog

Kindness and creativity. Wellness and wishes. Christmas is on its way!

At Blog On last month I was fortunate to meet the Elfland team and receive some goodies to ramp up the Christmas excitement!

The Lost Wish is a children’s chapter book written by Clare Anderson and Emily Jacobs, and illustrated by Emma Kurran. The main character is based on the first author’s daughter as she travels to Elfland for a Christmas adventure surrounding the search for a lost elf and wishes. Find out more at www.elfland.com

The Lost Wish book is aimed at children aged 7-10 and is 250 pages long with illustrations, positive affirmations and characteristics. I enjoyed the adventure tht the children experience as well as the character arcs for the ‘baddie’ dragon Gizmo. The illustrations bring the events and characters to life.

The authors were inspired to create Elfland after the sensory overload of covid. They have created a series of wellbeing items including eye masks to help children reconnect with their bodies and mind. The eye masks heat up when opened and this soothes and relaxes.

The collection also has charity links as the authors are making a donation to Make A Wish for every purchase of the eye masks boxes.
I really like the ethos behind Elfland products and The Lost Wish book. As someone with three children of my own as well as working as a teaching assistant, being able to reconnect with yourself and your senses is very important for wellbeing. Plus the Christmas theme is a fab idea!


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  2. We used to read losts of stories in the lead up to Christmas. This year I had to get two gingerbread houses so the youngest could have a friend over to make them, and we’re stealing another friend to go to the xmas lights. With all bar one adult kids in the house, getting those ‘traditions’ to happen so she has memories requires a little extra involvement….so enjoy every minute of it! #Dreamteam

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