My very own website!!! Yikes!

#Project365 2022 week 48

Day 332: a warming eye mask, a wish and a new book! What more could we need?! Thanks to Elfland for their gifted christmas items

Day 333: soft play, his dream, my nightmare… OMG I am soooo bah humbug 🙁

Day 334: new shoes! Having worn Matthew’s cast-offs to death, I needed something waterproof to save my chilly toes!

Day 335: another fab phrase from Duolingo!

Day 336: so much fog! This was the afternoon, it simply wouldn’t leave! Note to kids: try to look in the same direction…

Day 337: December! I actually got myself a vegan advent calender this year

Day 338: end of the working week, knackered face, soz! My photos of Zach as a wizard in the morning didn’t save on my phone and my camera wasn’t working. But at least Friday arrived!!!

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  1. Love the elf mask photo. I’m so glad we no longer have to do soft play. I’ve started doing spanish on duolingo – remembering my secondary school spanish and trying to get ahead of N!

  2. Whoops to the kids looking different ways, it’s a battle with photos as they get older, in fact all ages really. The vegan calendar was a good find. It’s been really foggy here also, a bit tricky for cycling to work in

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