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#Project366 2020 week 53

Day 362: curled up with a good book! I love it when the kids enjoy time together: here they are reading Coop Chaos – Morning Mystery that we were sent to review

Day 363: Anya has created lots of artwork over the Christmas holidays. Bit worried she might be a serial killer after the bottom right one!

Day 364: the last time I went to the big Tesco or Sainsburys was before the first lockdown so this was a big moment as I went to do shopping for the first time since early March

Day 365: a treat for us all but they didn’t include Zach’s Happy Meal 🙁

Day 366: saying goodbye to 2020 with an icy walk, spending the day together and feeling thankful that we have each other

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  1. Anya’s artwork is fab but the bottom right one did make me chuckle.
    I haven’t been to a big supermarket since the beginning of 2020. lol We seem to be faring well with the little Tesco near us and online deliveries.
    Oh no! That’s a shame about Zach’s Happy Meal not being there. I bet he was gutted.
    Happy new year! Wishing you well for 2021 x

  2. I have not missed the big supermarket shops. Thankfully the husband does them mainly. Poor Zach our MDs tend to do the same and we have to be so careful. It really annoys me! We have only had frost too, no snow unfortunately.

  3. Lovely photo of the kids sitting and reading together. How annoying that Zach’s Happy Meal got missed out. We’ve been avoiding going to the supermarket as much as possible – thankfully we’ve managed to get delivery slots and we get milk delivered three times a week so I can add any extra basics to that delivery if needed. Happy new year to you all. #project365

  4. The art work is fab, I thought the last one was fine, but I am watching a serial killer documentary this week on you tube. Sorry Zach’s happy meal was missed out, was there enough to go around? Well done with the food shop, hope it went well and wasn’t too strange for you

  5. Yes that bottom right picture is a bit dark lol! But it is balanced with a cheerful Santa! Oh no that they forgot to include Zach’s Happy Meal! We went to Tesco at the weekend, I felt it was time to stock up a bit as COVID numbers are up in our area and I wanted us to have enough supplies to hunker down for a bit.

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