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#Project365 2023 week 34

Day 232: a day out in Guildford to visit Dapdune Wharf, a model railway show, Guildford Castle and the shops!

Day 233: we’d planned a day out but stayed home to watch the Lionesses in action instead (shame about the result 🙁 but what a penalty save by Mary Earps! )
Day 234: oh dear, I spent hours searching for Matthew’s old junior school uniform but couln’t find it anywhere! Lightning visit to the uniform shop to kit out Zach for the new school year!
Day 235: our delayed day out with the pups to Basildon Park

Day 236: 1990s fashion is back! These platform heels are almost identical to a pair I owned 25 years ago. I couldn’t resist them and Anya was thrilled when I took them to the checkout. I was even more thrilled when they only cost £3! Anya and I are going to share them 🙂
Day 237: the cows got a lot closer than this! One sneaked up while I was looking at my phone and was less than a metre away! Eek, don’t panic!

Day 238: we’ve had blueberries from the garden so I made blondies

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  1. It sounds like you had a couple of fun days out.
    Those shoes are so pretty and what a bargain price!! I had a black pair in the 90’s, I wouldn’t dream of wearing them now. It’s flats for me. x

  2. Ooh those blondies look good. Cows are so nosy, even though we’re on a farm, I’m always still wary of them, although N gets quite gung ho because he sees ours with the OH all the time! Lucky with the junior school uniform check and purchase. I loved Basildon Park when we went. Such a nice place to walk.

  3. They are quite a vivid pink but love how bright and cheery a colour they are! Lovely to do some baking with your own grown fruit! I need to grow blueberries we get through loads each week. Bless you glad you managed to sort something out with the school uniform. We were a bit last minute trying on last years and its now too small! Luckily I had one set sized up from my eldest who never needed it! Quick order placed for some more. Phew.

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