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book reviews

Murder in Mayfair, by Verity Bright

1924, Lady Eleanor Swift attends the Empire Exhibition in London. During an accidental hot air balloon flight she spots a murder and bravely plunges to the ground. But there is no sign of any wrongdoing and her beloved butler and fiance both doubt her… Murder in Mayfair is the 18th book in the Lady Eleanor […]

One Little Sigh, by Shannon Hollinger

TRIGGER WARNING: child murder Maggie Riley is haunted by the disappearance of her little brother 5 years ago. Now another little boy has vanished and her emotions are in turmoil as she relives the past whilst trying to investigate… One Little Sigh is the fourth book in the Detective Maggie Riley series. A four year […]

Fire on the Island, by Stewart Giles

48 drones carrying explosives hover over Guernsey. Luckily there are only 5 fatalities. Liam O’Reilly abandons his honeymoon to start investigating and discovers a link between 4 of the victims… Fire on the Island is the 13th book in the DI O’Reilly series. There are some mentions of earlier cases but no spoilers. One teenager […]

In Her Grave, by Willow Rose

TRIGGER WARNING: rape, drugs, child murder Billie Ann Wilde is a detective but the latest case is personal as her family are targeted… In Her Grave is the third book in the Detective Billie Ann Wilde series. I have not read the earlier books but intend to catch on them urgently as this one was […]

A Song of Silence, by Steve N. Lee

TRIGGER WARNING: Nazi ideology and brutality 1940, Poland. Mirek runs an orphanage but the Nazi occupation means it is a daily struggle to feed the 100 children in is care. Can Mirek escape Poland and save as many children as possible…? A Song of Silence is an historical book set in Poland during the Second […]