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book reviews

The Bletchley Girls, by Anna Stuart

Steffie, Fran and Ailsa all come from very different backgrounds. Yet all have been specially chosen to join the war work at Bletchley. They form a strong friendship but their abilities lead them towards danger and war… The Bletchley Girls is an historical novel beginning in 1940 as three women arrive to work for the […]

The Silence Before Dawn, by Amanda Lees

France 1944. Lovers Marianne and Jack are brave resistance fighters against the Nazi occupiers. But their group is betrayed. Both survive the raid but Jack is captured. Marianne is planning to rescue him when she is informed that Jack is the traitor. She is determined to prove his innocence but is she mistaken…? The Silence […]

Three Small Bones, by Jennifer Chase

Katie Scott is summoned to a fire. It looks like arson and among the debris three small bones poke out of the basement floor. A finger… Searches of the property find more bodies, possibly a whole family. Was the fire set to cover up the deaths or reveal them? Three Small Bones is the 8th […]

The Lucky One, by Jessica Payne

Norah survived a serial killer nicknamed Hansel ten years ago. Now she returns to her hometown following her father’s death and discovers the body of one of her friends. The staging of the body suggests a copycat but could Hansel have come back to find Norah…? The Lucky One is a psychological and crime thriller […]

Lily’s Secret Inheritance, by Kristin Harper

Lily returns to her childhood home following the death of her aunt. They had been estranged for years so she is surprised to have been named as her aunt’s sole heir to the family cranberry farm estate. Lily’s Secret Inheritance is a warm novel about family, love, loss and forgiveness. It is set in America. […]