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book reviews

What Happened At The Abbey, by Isobel Blackthorn

TRIGGER WARNING: memories of spousal and child abuse Ingrid Barker runs away from her abusive husband and takes her daughter Susan to a remote area of Scotland to act as housekeeper for the McCleod family. But both parties are harbouring dangerous secrets… What Happened At The Abbey is a sinister mystery book with elements of […]

Murder In A Country Village, by F.L. Everett

TRIGGER WARNING: domestic abuse Edie and Ethel go out for a walk in the hills but stumble across a body. They recognise the woman as Joyce Reid, an unpopular pacifist from the local area. The police think it was a terrible accident but Edie isn’t convinced and appeals to the police officer who helped her […]

The Bag of Secrets, by Joy Ellis

Molly, a homeless woman, leaves her precious bag at the library. It is packed full of papers with rather sinister notes written on them. The librarian passes the bag to retired cops Matt and Liz to sort through but, before they can start, Molly’s murdered body is discovered… The Bag of Secrets is the sixth […]

Blood Among The Threads, by David Ebsworth

1876, Alfred Palmer travels to North Wales for an art and history exhibition. The previous curator died mysteriously of a snake bite and Palmer is struck by the feeling that something evil is at work… Blood Among The Threads is an historical murder mystery set in the 1870s. Alfred Palmer was a real person with […]