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book reviews

Murder at the Fair, by Verity Bright

  Lady Eleanor Swift is invited to start and finish the raft race at the May Fair. But the lighthearted tone of the day is shattered by the tragic death of the local undertaker Solemn Jon. The following day the newspaper prints a scathing obituary which claims the death was murder. Solemn Jon’s widow begs […]

Arlington Terrace, by Tracy Martin-Summers

  Emma is trying to break the cycle of fear at the hands of Julie but her fresh start is destroyed when Julie finds her and starts another campaign of cruelty. Desperate, Emma reaches out to DS Mike Brugge for help who uncovers a network of lies… Arlington Terrace is the second book in the […]

The Perfect Stepmother, by Karen King

  Lily is devastated by the death of her mother from cancer. But she is shocked, angry and upset when she discovers her father Gareth is dating her late mother’s beautician. Lily doesn’t trust Maria at all and is convinced that she is not the perfect woman she appears to be. Then Lily’s little sister […]

The Child in the Photo, by Kerry Wilkinson

Hope receives a hand delivered envelope containing a newspaper article from 34 years ago about a stolen child. The girl that went missing has the same ear defect that she has. Could she be the child in the photo? Has her whole life been a lie? The Child in the Photo is described as a […]

The Summer Island Festival, by Rachel Burton

Willow jilts her fiance at the altar and returns to her home town to try to decide what do do with her life. She has rarely returned to the Isle of Wight since leaving 12 years ago with a heart broken by her first love Luc. She is shocked to find he has also returned […]