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book reviews

The Bones She Buried, by Lisa Regan

  The Bones She Buried is the 5th book to feature Josie Quinn and the second that I have read. The romantic relationship that Josie and Noah began in the last book seems to be going well but then they make a devastating discovery. They go to Noah’s mother’s house for a meal and find […]

No-one Ever Has Sex at a Wedding, by Tracy Bloom

Looking for a light hearted, fun read? Look no further! Tracy Bloom’s latest book is actually a sequel but works perfectly well as a stand alone book. We begin the story with an anxious groom worrying about whether sex needs to happen on the wedding night for the marriage to be legal. He even asks […]

The Woman I Was Before, by Kerry Fisher

  This book had me captivated throughout! The Woman I Was Before is the story of 3 women and their families who move into a new housing development and become neighbours. It is a wonderful reminder not to judge or make assumptions about other people. Each chapter is told through the perspective of one of […]

My Daughter’s Secret, by Nicole Trope

  Trigger warning: this book review deals with suicide and domestic abuse. One Halloween, two friends are on their way home from a party and see a dummy hanging outside a house. Laughing about, they head over and discover the dummy is actually their friend Julia. Suicide. An ugly word. A terrible word. A terrible […]

A Body in the Lakes, by Graham Smith

  I described Graham Smith’s previous book The Silent Dead as exquisite and this sequel does not disappoint at all! We pick up a new case for DC Beth Young and her colleagues when a woman is found murdered and violated. The team quickly establish a link with 3 previous murders that had not been […]