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book reviews

The Dying Game, by Ruhi Choudhary

Seemingly random women are abducted and murdered in lakemore. Detective Mackenzie Price needs to unearth the connection between the women, determine the motive and catch the killer. Can she find him before the next kidnapped woman is killed…? The Dying Game is the fourth book to feature Mad Mack, a sparky detective with a traumatic […]

A Deception Most Deadly, by Genevieve Essig

  Cassie Gynne heads to Florida in 1883 following the death of her father. She meets her aunt in jail after an eventful arrival but this is just the beginning for the unconventional pair! Her aunt’s enemy is dicsovered dead at the bottom of a tower and Cassie is sure it is murder but regrets […]

The Hidden Village, by Imogen Matthews

The Nazis have control of the Netherlands but they cannot stop the spirit of humanity as the Dutch community work together to protect Jews and outcasts. A village is built in the woods but the hidden people continue to rely on their friends for survival… The Hidden Village is an historical novel set in the […]

The Engine House, by Rhys Dylan

DCI Evan Warlow recently retired from the police but there is a case that has haunted him. Eight years ago, a couple vanished and Evan led the investigation which never found them. Now two bodies are found in a ravine and the killer is sought so Evan agrees to returns to the case… The Engine […]

Left For Dead, by Joy Kluver

    DI Bernie Noel is called upon to investigate a violent sexual assault that left the victim for dead. Meanwhile she is struggling to deal with issues in her personal life as she approaches her 20 week pregnancy scan whilst her lover and fellow officer is suspended from work. Left For Dead is the […]