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book reviews

My Mother’s Choice, by Ali Mercer

  All Dani has to remember her mother is a photo. She lives with her aunt and occasionally sees her dad Jon. She is 14 and has so many questions about her mother’s life and death but no one wants to talk about it. Is it the grief or is there a secret…? Dani discovers […]

Cicely’s King Richard, by Sandra Heath Wilson

Cicely Plantagenet, daughter of the recently deceased Edward IV and sister to the new boy king Edward V, is hiding away in sanctuary with her mother and sisters. The Wars of the Roses have been simmering away for almost 30 years and England needs a strong king to unite the country. Richard, Duke of Gloucester […]

The Child Across The Street, by Kerry Wilkinson

  Abi arrives back in Elwood to confront her past after the death of her father. Minutes after she sets foot in her hometown, she witnesses a hit and run. The victim is her former best friend’s son, 8 year old Ethan. Abi has personal issues due to her family situation. Her mum abandoned the […]

The Dying Light, by Joy Ellis

  A woman being driven out of her home due to attacks on her property. A relationship on the rocks after a child’s death. A change in career direction for two retired police officers. This is the first of Joy Ellis’ Matt Ballard seties that I have read. I was expecting a police thriller but […]

Before He Kills Again, by Margaret Murphy

A serial rapist is on the loose in Liverpool. DC Cassie Rowan is working undercover to flush out the culprit. But then a body is found: can he be stopped Before He Kills Again? Two men both receiving therapy: has one of them got a secret they aren’t sharing with Dr Palmer? The main character […]