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book reviews

The Housewife, by Valerie Keogh

  Diane is recovering from a breakdown. She doesn’t know what happpened as she has amnesia and the doctors want to wait for her memory to come back naturally. Her husband is being supportive but is obviously frustrated at her lack of progress. She decides to work voluntarily in a charity shop while her daughter […]

The One Who’s Not The One, by Keris Stainton

  Cat is feeling a bit stuck in a rut. Her job is a bit too easy. Her flat share is not going well. Her love life is non existent. Then she spots in a newspaper that her former love Sam has returned from Australia and is doing a stand up routine about her! She […]

The Baby Detective, by Sarah Norris

Not the usual type of book that I review but I was drawn to this baby advice book having devoured many during my three sets of newborn days and first months. Sarah Norris does not promise to make you an expert on all babies. Instead, she aims to give you the skills to decode what […]

Where Angels Fear, by DK Hood

Kane and Alton are still recovering from their last encounter with a serial killer but now another strikes! Sky and Ella are travelling home from college when they see someone with a broken down car. They stop to help but the man attacks Sky. Ella runs for her life and escapes. When the police arrive […]

Death Comes To Call, by Clare Chase

This is the third book to feature Tara Thorpe (I have read the first where she is a reporter and makes the decision to change career to join the police, but haven’t read the second 🙁 ) In this book, Tara and her colleagues are called upon to investigate the disappearance of artist Luke Cope. […]