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book reviews

The Sinner, by Martyn Waites

Tom Kilgannon hides a secret past. He is in witness protection after working undercover to ensure gangster Dean Foley ended up behind bars. Now his skills are required again and he is sent to prison to befriend a convicted child killer and find their graves. Except the prison is the one where Dean is currently […]

The Lavender Lady, by Faith Martin

  A mystery with a supernatural twist: an old woman dies, apparently of natural causes. Her daughter visits the house and can feel a cold spot in the bathroom and smell her mother’s lavender perfume. Is there a ghostly Lavender Lady? She calls in a team of paranormal investigators to discover if her mother’s spirit […]

Nutmeg Street: Egyptian Secrets, By Sherrill Joseph

I am always on the look out for new children’s authors to inspire my children and I have found a new one! Nutmeg Street: Egyptian Secrets is fun and reminds me of the plucky children from Enid Blyton’s Five Find Outters that I read as a child. The book is aimed at children aged 9-12 […]

Eat Happy Too, by Anna Vocino

Being gluten free doesn’t mean flavour free. Finding alternatives to traditional flours can be experimental at best and a complete disaster at worst! I was excited to read Eat Happy Too, the second gluten free cookbook from Anna Vocino which includes sauces and pastries, cakes and biscuits which all traditionally rely on gluten. I’ll be […]

Mystery on Hidden Lane, by Clare Chase

    A gentle crime novel with a freelance journalist trying to write an obituary of an acclaimed cellist, only to find herself investigating a murder. This has the classical feel of an Agatha Christie or MC Beaton novel, or Midsomer Murders: a traditional English village murder mystery. Eve and her dachshund Gus are warm […]