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book reviews

We Were Sisters, by Wendy Clarke

  Kelly is a mum stuggling with uncontrollable anxiety, her twin daughters starting school and the sleep deprivation caused by her 3 month old son. The only way she can reassure herself is through counting to 20: obsessive compulsive behabiour which is having a significant effect on her life. Through flashback chapters we are shown […]

Two Victims, by Helen H. Durrant

Following on from the dramatic events in Next Victim, DCI Rachel King has a new murder case. And once again her personal life is put under scrutiny due to her past relationship with crook Jed McAteer. Agnes, a seemingly kind woman who helps the homeless and runaways is murdered and the police find a second […]

The Forever Gift, by Brooke Harris

Kayla is a typical teenager with a love of basketball. Her world revolves around the friends and enemies of school life and her sports passion. But she has been hiding a secret pain in her leg. Cancer. At only 15 years old. Devastating for Kayla but with huge impact for her family too. Her parents […]

A Whisker in the Dark, by Leighann Dobbs

Josie is just recovering from the last dramatic murder at her guesthouse (see my review of A Twist in the Tail) when a skeleton is discovered during the renovations. It is the body of Jedediah Biddeford and has been there for a couple of centuries. Coincidentally his family are staying at the guesthouse. There is […]

No One Ever Has Sex On Holiday, by Tracy Bloom

Following on from No One Ever Has Sex at a Wedding, the friends head off on a package holiday together. They meet up with a hen party and a ditched honeymooner. What could possibly go wrong…? Abby wants to go out partying rather than spend time with her husband and child. Daniel has high expectations […]