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book reviews

The Visitor, by Terry Tyler

Four lifelong friends plan to see out bat fever in a secret bunker but will they all survive long enough to get there? And once there, a murderer is on the loose in the village… Amidst the coronavirius pandemic, this book is scary! Set in the same reality as the Project Renova books, The Visitor […]

The Perfect Life, by Susanna Beard

A lottery win is most people’s dream come true. But for Heather and her family it becomes a nightmare… TRIGGER WARNING: This book contains references to bulimia The Perfect Life sees Heather spontaneously buy a lottery ticket having never bought one before, and she wins £29 million! However, the pressure of keeping it a secret […]

Girl Under Water, by LT Vargus and Tim McBain

    The super rich Carmichael family call in private investigator Charlie Winters when the patriarch is found murdered at the bottom of the stairs. She immediately suspects one of the six siblings is responsible but as she begins her investigation there are motives and suspicious behaviour everywhere. Then another member of the family dies […]

Miracles in Wild Rose Bay, by Susanne O’Leary

  Tara O’Rourke takes a photography assignment in Ireland and takes the opportunity to stay with her twin sister Kate. Can she uncover the mystery of her family history as well as heal her heart after her on-off relationship finally disintegrates…? Miracles in Wild Rose Bay is part of the Sandy Cove series by Susanne […]