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book reviews

The Girl At My Door, by Rebecca Griffiths

Queenie is a successful singer in London as the world adjusts to peace after WW2. Her best friend Joy is more reserved and stays out of the limelight working as a waitress while Queenie shines on stage. But both women have come to the attention of a dangerous stranger… The Girl At My Door is […]

Murder at the House on the Hill, by Victoria Walters

  The whole village of Dedley End is excited to be invited to the engagement party being held at the stately home of the Roth family. Notoriously private, the Roths have held no such gathering in over 20 years. Among the guests are Nancy Hunter and her grandmother, the owners of Dedley Endings Bookshop in […]

The Silent Witness, by Carolyn Arnold

Amanda Steele is called away from an important trial to investigate the double homicide of a couple and the disappearance of their daughter, Zoe. The young girl is quickly found but unable to tell the police about what she saw. But the killer doesn’t know that and Zoe becomes a target… The Silent Witness is […]

Little Bones, by Patricia Gibney

Isabel Gallagher is found murdered in her daughter’s bedroom, an old fashioned razor in her hand. Another woman, Joyce, goes missing and her child is abducted. Again a razor is located amongst her possessions. DI Lottie Parker frantically organises her team as she is convinced the cases are linked… Little Bones is the 10th book […]

The Bookbinder’s Daughter, by Jessica Thorne

  Sophie is in an unhealthy relationship and struggling to cope following the death of her father. Her uncle sweeps in to offer her a job and home but Sophie is haunted by a past she doesn’t remember. Can she finally reveal the secrets fo the past and find out the thruth about her mother’s […]