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book reviews

Death Comes To Call, by Clare Chase

This is the third book to feature Tara Thorpe (I have read the first where she is a reporter and makes the decision to change career to join the police, but haven’t read the second 🙁 ) In this book, Tara and her colleagues are called upon to investigate the disappearance of artist Luke Cope. […]

The Corner of Heartbreak and Forever, by Addison Cole

Taking a break from the Braden brothers books is this latest Addison Cole book which is a stand alone novel but has the potential to expand! So many new characters but it feels as familiar as the other series from Addison. Grace Montgomery returns home for a visit and comes face to face with her […]

Finding Grace, by K.L. Slater

OMG what a book! This book struck a chord with me straight away. My eldest is nearly 9 and desperate for more independence including walking to and from his best friend’s house nearby, and we have also discussed him walking to my parents’ which is 2 roads away. I immediately identified with the main character […]

Where She Lies, by Michael Scanlon

Beck is a police officer with a past. He had been demoted and forced to move stations but the reasons for this are not shared with the reader until the second half of the book. He has also ended a relationship with a married woman. He has to negotiate new relationships with his new colleagues […]

Murder in the Mine, by Roy Lewis

The search for a lost dog leads to the discovery of a woman’s body in an disused mine in Wales. Local police are ordered to accept advice from Crow, a murder expert officer from London, but resent being told how to conduct their enquiries. Halfway through the book, the case seems closed after a confession […]