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One True Loves, by Taylor Jenkins Reid (audiobook read by Julia Whelan)

Emma marries her childhood sweetheart Jesse and they embark on their life together, following their dreams and encouraging each other. Jesse heads off on an expedition by helicopter but doesn’t come home after a fatal crash. Emma re-evaluates her life and slowly learns to live again. She is even brave enough to fall in love […]

Garden Girl by Renny DeGroot (audiobook)

A discovery of bones is revealed to be a missing young woman. Sarah was assumed to have run away but now a murder investigation is launched, led by Gordie MacLean and his new partner. Then another body is found… Garden Girl is a police procedural novel set in Canada. Gordie uncovers an unhappy background to […]

The Pleasure Palace, by Kate Emerson (audiobook read by Alison Larkin)

Jane and her mother flee to England when the French king dies unexpectedly. The pair are welcomed to the court of King Henry VII and he even assigns Jane to his children’s household, starting friendships that last for decades… The Pleasure Palace is the first book in the Secrets of the Tudor Court series by […]

The Handmaid’s Tale and The Testaments, by Margaret Atwood (audiobooks)

The Handmaid’s tale is a modern classic. I last read it over 20 years ago and have not yet seen the TV series. Offred is a handmaid whose sole purpose is to procreate with her commander. She is resented at all levels of society whilst also resenting her situation. She dreams of freedom but is […]