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Matt Millz, audiobook written and read by Harry Hill

Matt Mills dreams of being a stand up comedian but it is a tough business and he is only 12! Matt Millz is a children’s book aimed at ages 9-12 but adults will love it too! I wish I could bottle how happy this book made me. The stupid smile I had throughout, the laugh […]

Little Wing, by Freya North (audiobook read by Sofia Engstrand)

1969, teenager Florence is sent away to the Scottish island of Harris to have her baby. 2005, Nell discovers a family secret and heads to Harris to find the truth. Little Wing is an emotional book full of family drama and the nuances of family relationships and friendships. 16 year old Florence becomes pregnant after […]

Magpie Murders, by Anthony Horowitz (audiobook)

A book within a book! Author Alan Conway sends his final manuscript to his publisher and editor. But the book is incomplete and Alan dies before they can ask about the ending. Editor Susan notices similarities between the book and real life: has a murder been committed? Magpie Murders is a murder mystery within another. […]

The Party Crasher, by Sophie Kinsella (audiobook read by Fiona Hardingham)

I LOVE Sophie Kinsella but this is the first time I have tried her audiobooks… brilliant! Effie’s parents suddenly split up and her dad decides to sell the family home to move abroad with his new love Krista. Effie has a fraught relationship with her dad and Krista, so she is not invited when they […]

Charlotte, by Helen Moffett (audiobook read by Isabella Inchbold)

Charlotte Lucas is Elizabeth Bennett’s best friend and has married the easily ridiculed Mr Collins. Now she is happily ensconced at Hunsford, mother to three children and enjoying her friendship with Miss de Bourgh. But tragedy strikes… Charlotte is a sequel to the much beloved Pride and Prejudice. It is mostly written in the Charlotte’s […]