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Matt Millz, audiobook written and read by Harry Hill

Matt Mills dreams of being a stand up comedian but it is a tough business and he is only 12!
Matt Millz is a children’s book aimed at ages 9-12 but adults will love it too!
I wish I could bottle how happy this book made me. The stupid smile I had throughout, the laugh out loud lines, Harry Hill’s humour shines from the plot whilst his audio narration is superb.
Matt is a young man with big plans. He even has a stage name, changing his surname from Mills to Millz. His comedy routine has been honed to perfection but can he find the right audience? His school mates, an old people’s home, the big stage? I was desperate for Matt to succeed and fulfil his dreams but the odds seem stacked against him.
The scenarios are all very funny but they are underpinned by a strong emotional thread. The drive to entertain and be successful is so strong and I really cared for Matt. I think children will like the aspirational nature of the book and think of following their own dreams. The kid characters are easy to like and relate to, whilst the humours lifts the tone associated with the risks and failures they face.
There are lots of mentions of popular culture which younger children may struggle to understand but fans of X Factor and other reality shows should appreciate the references. Harry Hill’s quirky humour sparkles throughout and I just can’t understate how much I loved this book!


Matt Millz book cover

Book blurb:
Meet Matt Millz – Britain’s Youngest (and funniest!) Comedian! Matt may be small but he is truly mighty on the comedy circuit. Well, he is in his head anyway. When the school holds a talent show, Matt has the opportunity to demonstrate that he’s got the magical chutzpah quip to take him all the way to the Apollo. With the help of his diminutive manager, Kitty Hope, and his hapless form teacher, as well as the school brute, his heartthrob and Rob his best friend, Matt learns what it takes to be really funny . . . A hilarious new book from National TreasureT and real-life (very) funny man Harry Hill.

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