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Children’s book: What Makes A Lemur Listen?

What Makes A Lemur Listen? is a children’s picture book written by Samuel Langley-Swain and illustrated by Helena Panayi. Young lemur Maki is not keen on listening to his mum. Sound familiar?! With 3 children of my own, I saw our family in this straight away! The problem of wanting to be grown up but […]

Children’s book review: Sproutzilla Vs Christmas

Sproutzilla Vs Christmas book blurb: Jack loves everything about Christmas. Except for one thing: he does not like Brussels sprouts. When Jack’s parents bring home the largest sprout he has ever seen, things are about to get out of control. Sproutzilla is the meanest, greenest Christmas ruining vegetable ever and now he’s heading straight towards Santa! It’s […]

Children’s book: My First Animal Moves

My First Animal Moves is a new children’s book designed to encourage children to put down their screens, get active and have some fun. Children today live more sedentary lives than previous generations and this encourages them to reconnect with nature. Exercise is well known for its mental wellbeing and physical health benefits so let’s […]

Walnut Street: Phantom Rider, by Sherrill Joseph

Walnut Street: Phantom Rider is the third book in the Botanic Hill Detectives series by Sherrill Joseph. I have reviewed the two previous books: Nutmeg Street: Egyptian Secrets and Eucalyptus Street: Green Curse. The quartet of teenaged detectives are on the hunt for a new case when they are invited to a friend’s ranch that […]