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Children’s book review: I Spy, by Rhian Tracey

Robyn is 12 and lives near Bletchley Park. As war breaks out, strange things are happening on the site so she is excited to get the opportunity to work there. She quickly settles into caring for the carrier pigeons but begins to suspect that there are dangerous secrets at Bletchley Park… Having recently read some […]

Children’s book: The Tricky Riddles Book For Smart Kids

*I received a free copy of this book and will be compensated for my time Get those brains working with some tricky riddles! There is plenty of family fun to be had with The Tricky Riddles Book For Smart Kids. It contains over 300 riddles, brain teasers and trick questions to get minds of all […]

Children’s book review: Aaaarrgghh Spider! by Lydia Monks

Aaaarrgghh Spider! book blurb Spider wants to be a family pet. But the family whose house she lives in are terrified of her! Whenever she tries to show them what a great pet she would make, they just scream, …AAAARRGGHH, SPIDER!… A delightfully funny story all about fitting in, tolerance and making friends from bestselling […]

The Fashion Fix, by Lexi Rees and Eveyjoan

The Fashion Fix is a non fiction fact and activity book aimed at helping pre-teens (8-12) to make conscientious and eco friendly choices about their wardrobe. Anya is a complete fashionista and has very strong opinions on her own style. I shared this book with her so that she could give consideration to her fashion […]

Children’s book review: Bodies, Brains & Bogies, by Paul Ian Cross

Bodies, Brains & Bogies is a non fiction book aimed at children aged 8+. It is full of facts and diagrams delivered with a comedic tone. I loved the chatty style of writing that gives plenty of information but in an easy to digest way. As well as enjoying it myself, I gave this to […]