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cake decorating

Making birthdays and Christmas sparkle with Inspired by Alma

You may have noticed on some of my YouTube Vlogmas videos I have been using Inspired by Alma products to make my baking look a lot better! I tried out everything with the exception of the dinosaur cupcake toppers as I decided to save them to surprise a certain dino obsessed boy for his 8th […]

Cooking (Vlogtober day 7)

I love cooking and having a wheat allergy and being vegetarian means I have tried lots of different manipulations of recipes to make them suitable for me! My personal favourite is baking but I am not so good at decorating…let me know what you think of my cake!

Birthday cake panic: Zach’s birthday 1 month today,eeeeek!

Oh dear. Chris and I have foolishly decided to mark Zach’s first birthday with not one but TWO parties. It has just occurred to me that this will necessitate TWO cakes 🙁 I am possibly the least creative person I know. Matthew and Anya frequently over estimate my skills. Here are last year’s efforts, an […]

Choc mocha cake

Choc mocha cake Ingredients 4oz soft marge 4oz caster sugar 2 eggs 4oz SR flour (I used gluten free due to my allergy to wheat) 2 tablespoons coffee granules dissolved in 3 tablespoons boiling water 1 tablespoon and 2 teaspoons cocoa Icing sugar Soft marge Method Whisk together the margarine, sugar and eggs. Add the […]

Sunday 18th September

Anya is 4! How on earth did that come around so quickly?! I got to add to my phrasebook of things I never thought I’d say. I had to ask my niece “Why are you putting cucumber up your leggings?” to which there was no sensible answer. (Previous phrases include “Anya, get your foot out […]