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Pets with personality

Chas and Wurzel, where do I start?! The boys are just like my kids, very distinctive personalities! I never thought two dogs, particularly twins could be so different from each other. Chas is the goody two shoes around the house and will frequently tell off Wurzel who eats random stuff off the windowsill and climbs […]

#Project52 2024 week 5

January is finally over! It really did seem to last forever! But now just a week left until half term and the days are getting longer: it really does lift the mood for everyone. So this week has been a busy one with lots of exam invigilation, governors’ meetings and helping Toffee recover from her […]

Are sea monkeys the easiest pets?

15 months ago Anya won some sea monkeys in a pass the parcel game. We waited until the Christmas holidays to start them growing. At the time we had 14 guinea pigs (now 17), 2 rabbits and 2 cockapoos, so are sea monkeys the world’s easiest pets? Set up is quick and easy but nothing […]

#Project365 2023 week 43

Day 295: Ash’s babies are so cute! Day 296: cousins and sleepovers and pups, hurrah for half term Day 297: Matt is proud that he is now the same height as my sister Day 298: a busy day out visiting Berkhamsted Castle, Natural History Museum at Tring, and Hughenden. Not sure why the kids are […]

Guinea Pig Awareness Week 25th-29th September 2023

Back in March I became a guinea pig mum and now eagerly awaiting becoming a guinea granny! This week is Guinea Pig Awareness Week (25th-29th September 2023) so I thought I would spread the word about the fabness of guinea pigs! The guineas are so excited every morning and what a racket they make! Rustle […]