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#Blogtober2020 Day 2: The One I Love

Time for me to go gooey over my wonderful husband Chris. We met in the summer of 2014 on Match.com. I was an unemployed single mum of two small children and Chris was very brave taking me on! Things got serious between us pretty quickly and within six months we were looking for a house […]

5 reasons to choose a pet owner for your Valentine

Are you looking for that perfect Valentine? Well I have found mine (hi Chris!)   There are so many things that make Chris perfect (I’m giggling imagining him squirm with embarrassment reading that 🙂 ) but I knew pretty quickly that he was the one for me and would complete us as a family. Since […]

Wedding Wednesday! The proposal

I joked on Sunday when I announced our engagement that I would be spamming my blog with wedding posts from now on! 🙂 I have decided to be more restrained and post every now and then on a Wednesday when I have an update on our wedding plans. Obviously our wedding is important but we […]