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#Project365 2022 week 2

Day 8: our first games night. Anya really wanted us to do a weekly games night so we agreed! Day 9: I haven’t worn PJs since I was a kid but I loved the star pattern so bought these from Aldi before Christmas Day 10: a fabulous gluten free crumb but the inside of the […]

#Project365 2021 week 45

Day 312: watching fireworks from the comfort of our home Day 313: how is my baby old enough to go away on a residential trip for a whole week?! Day 314: new topic at school and we dressed as witches and wizards for an immersion day. My costume is an age 11-12 dress and age […]

Learning to let go: secondary school

How can my baby be in Year 7??? Lots of changes for him but also some major adjustments for me as I allow Matthew greater independence. Over the last year this has been happening naturally as we prepared for him moving up to secondary school. Walking alone Honestly, waving goodbye to him each morning has […]

Last minute back to school checklist

Don’t panic! Only a week to go and things are getting more complicated for me as I’ll now have one child at infant, junior and secondary! Here’s my quick checklist to make sure we’re ready: Uniform Children have this nasty habit of growing. This is especially obvious if they were in summer uniform and now […]

Preparing your child to move into Year 1

Starting school is a big deal but actually there is a major transition between Year R and Year 1. I have just completed a year working in Year 1 as a teaching assistant and Zach has just finished Year R. Year R or Reception is actually a continuation of the Foundation Stage which begins at […]