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#Project365 2023 week 28

Day 190: Mum gave me some rhubarb so we had (vegan and gluten free but the kids never guessed) crumble! Day 191: I’m not saying that Zach is quirky but… Day 192: a yummy meal out Day 193: Zach’s sports day started well but he struggled during the obstacle race and got very upset but […]

The highs and lows of school attendance

There is a real push this year on school attendance. After a devastating few years due to Covid, the need for regular attendance is more important than ever. So you can expect schools to be very hot on absence in response to government expectations and interventions. When should I keep my child home? Obviously there […]

#Project365 2023 week 6

Day 35: a morning out for all of us at The Vyne near Basingstoke Day 35: I seem to be back on the roast dinner addiction, mmmmm! Day 37: Monday afternoon vibes Day 38: ok, so not to panic everyone but Zach is learning Russian on Duolingo. He is six… Day 39: best bit of […]

#Project365 2022 week 38

Day 262: a cold misty river run to kick off the weekend. It was quite spooky! Day 263: Anya turned 10! Day 264: a bank holiday that sharply contrasted with the joy of the jubilee a few months ago. The Queen arrived at her final resting place at her home of Windsor, to sleep eternally […]

Advice for exams: what to do if your teen feels ill

After our disasterous half term with the children’s tummy bug, it’s been back to exams this week and loads of the students are feeling poorly. We have got through boxes and boxes of tissues this week as hayfever and summer colds seems to have gripped Year 11. There have also been other medical emergencies including […]