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Global blogging linky 57

Hello and welcome to Global Blogging! It has been a big week for us: Anya was thrilled to wear her summer uniform but also had her postponed World Book Day (no snow this time!). Matthew started at Cubs and this weekend we had a medieval activity afternoon and a St George’s Day parade. Zach started […]

Global Blogging Linky 56: back to school

Hello and welcome to Global Blogging! Goodbye Easter holidays! Matthew and Anya are back at school today and Zach starts preschool tomorrow! He turned 2 last week but he will always be my baby (as will the older 2!) I am still busy baking to complete my April A to Z challenge. Check out my […]

Global Blogging 55: Spring is in the air!

Hello and welcome to Global Blogging! Spring finally seems to have arrived and my host post this week is all about playing outside and why it is important for children to develop a healthy attitude to nature. We are starting our second week of Easter holidays and Zach is turning 2 this week: where did […]

Global Blogging 54

I hope you are all having a good Easter bank holiday weekend and the Easter Bunny brought you lots of chocolate! We have just got back from my mum in law’s in Dymchurch. Zach loved his first experience of a tea cup ride! I am very excited to have been invited to join as a […]

Global Blogging Linky 53: come and have a read!

It has been a varied week. I am feeling better in terms of the dizziness and have put a lot of effort into getting out and about (check out my host post for my chocolate adventure!) I may have been overdoing it though so am back on the anti nausea tablets and dealing with the […]

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